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Is Nutrigenomics a Real Science?

Is nutrigenomics a real science? We will go deeper in the scientific studies around nutrigenomics. All major universities around the world are doing research in…

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What Are the Dangers of Air Fryers?

As you may imagine, I am not a fan of fried food. For that reason, I admit I have not paid much attention to the…

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How Soybean Oil May Cause Irreversible Changes in Your Brain

Your choice of cooking oil can make a profound difference in your health. I’ve often warned against the use of soybean oil. Not only is…

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How to Measure and Optimize Your Mitochondrial Health

Dr. Frank Shallenberger, author of “Bursting With Energy: The Breakthrough Method to Renew Youthful Energy and Restore Health,” has been a natural medicine physician for…

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How Broccoli Shows Major Healing Potential

Science has repeatedly proven that food is a profoundly effective medicine that can activate many healthy nuclear transcription factors in your body. Broccoli and other…

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Can Cellphone Radiation be Linked to Heart and Brain Tumors?

Mounting evidence suggests electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation from cellphones can trigger abnormal cell growth and cancer1,2 As early as 2011, the evidence was strong enough for…

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How Curcumin Can Help Your Healthy Lifestyle

Turmeric, a yellow curry spice used in Indian cuisine, has a long history of medicinal use in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine. Modern science…

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What Is Nutrigenomics?

Nutrigenomics is the study of how food affects your genes and how your genes affect the way you respond to food. This could be used…

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How Important Is Food To Our Health and Aging?

A good health while aging is partly determined by the food that we eat. What foods can make you age in a healthy way? Healthy…

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What Is Intermittent Fasting?

What is intermittent fasting? Dr. Berg’s book “The Fat Loss Bible” explains the science behind intermittent fasting. He says about intermittent fasting, that when your…

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The Nr. 1 Health Hack for Autism with Dr. William Li & Lewis Howes

The NR. 1 Health Hack for Autism with Dr. William Li

How to hack your health if you have autism? The new science point to the gut-brain connection and health solutions for autism. What is autism?…

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How To Fast For Health and Weight Loss

How to fast for health and weight loss. You can lose weight fast with a few simple steps. Fasting is a great way to lose…

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