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Renaat Sioncke

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Имате наднормено тегло, затлъстяване, уморени сте да се чувствате уморени?

Опитайте моите доказани научно обосновани напътствия за здравословен живот. Можете да подобрите здравето си.

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My name is Renaat Sioncke, and I am a teacher who works from home part-time and also from my online business. I am married to my lovely wife and have two sons. I do share my experience of how to live healthy with effective and achievable strategies. Not only that, but I have found a way to work around my family and earn from home. I am still learning to build my business the hard way, but I believe this is a lifestyle. A life where I am able to have my family, build my business and still be able to help others.

Как възвърнах енергията си след години на алергии

Как възвърнах енергията си след години на алергии

От Renaat Sioncke

For many years, I suffer from allergies. Mainly pollen allergies in the spring. But on my blood test, do I test allergic to most things.…

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