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- Congratulations! You got into your car. Now ... -

Activate Coaching

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    Start Your Engine

    Become a LifeVantage consultant. Visit the coaching page to sign up.

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    Set Your GPS

    Book your 1-1 coaching call. Get clarity on your health, wealth and purpose.

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    Put The Car In Gear

    Get down the freeway, put the car in gear. Sponsor your first person with your Own Your Family Smart Page. It keeps sharing simple!

Firstly, Start Your Engine, Become a LifeVantage consultant.

I already am a LifeVantage consultant.
I am not yet a LifeVantage consultant.

Great! You can proceed and go to step two.

Once you started your car, you can set your GPS with our 1-1 coaching call, afterward you can put the car in gear.

With the coaching call, you will meet your Own Your Family coach and get clarity on your health and wealth goals. Your team coach will go over; the Biohack University information, the fuel in your car, the coaching questionnaire, your goals, your purpose, and the activation of your coaching account.

Secondly, Set Your GPS, book your 1-1 coaching call Get clarity on your health, wealth and purpose.

I had a 1-1 online call
I still have to book a call

Great! With that clarity you can now fill in the form in the third step.

So, before you can use the Own Your Family coaching system, we need to activate your coaching account. You can start this process with sending us the information below.

Once your coaching account is fully activated, you will have access to all coaching features, courses and your personal Own Your Family Smart Page.

With activating your coaching account, you can use the Own Your Family coaching system as an independent LifeVantage consultant.

Thirdly, Put The Car In Gear, activate your full coaching account. Afterwards you can share your Own Your Family smart page link.

I sent the information with the form below
I did not send the information yet

Great! Our team will contact you as soon as all is set up and ready to go.

Description for a starting Own Your Family coach

Are you looking for more information on what to expect as a starting Own Your Family coach?

Here, it is determined how you can work together, taking into account your situation and your income requirements. If you agree, you take your enrollment pack online or by telephone. (After payment, you receive your start pack, and you can start taking LifeVantage products.

Here we plan the necessary actions together with you to achieve your desired result. Here you can also decide if you want to start with own use, 5-6 customers, or 10-12 customers profit. You can place an auto shipment order according to your planned actions.

Your sponsor coach will help you to start and bring your first actions to a success. You will see that building up a nice customer base is quite easy, with the help of your coach.

This side business can quickly grow into a full-time income; keep learning and stay in regular contact with your fellow coaches, and learn from the best.

That is why it is important that you take as much training as you can. Training courses are free of charge.

This is the most important thing of all. Clients are followed up to help them succeed in their endeavors.

Your coach-sponsor will teach you this, and you will also learn it in the various trainings. Learn as much as you can, the intention is that you will be able to work INDEPENDENTLY, find pleasure in your work, and move forward in your life.

You can enroll with a $50 Start Kit. 

If you chose to, you can buy product packs at the same time with big discounts.

!Best prices are given with the enrollment packs

Contact your coach for more information. Or check our training in the Biohack University, to learn more.

You can enroll on the Coaching Page of Your Coach

Visit the LifeVantage web shop of your Own Your Family coach, and enroll.

With a wage you can survive.Own Your Family Commission Based Coaching