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LifeVantage PhysIQ Fat Burn product

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PhysIQ™ Fat Burn

PhysIQ™ Fat Burn helps you lose weight and maintain a healthy body fat percentage by supporting the systems in your body responsible for metabolism, energy, and fat storage.

Avantages :

  • Favorise les processus naturels de combustion des graisses en utilisant les cellules graisseuses comme source d'énergie *.
  • Aide à maintenir la composition corporelle maigre *
  • Soutient le métabolisme du corps pour une combustion continue et prolongée des graisses *.
  • Vous aide à vous sentir plus énergique *
  • Favorise une gestion saine du poids *

Combien coûte le LifeVantage PhysIQ Fat Burn Coût ?

PhysIQ Fat Burn is sold in a container with a content of 60 capsules. You can buy it depending on the area you are located. Check out our LifeVantage vue d'ensemble.
The pricing of the LifeVantage PhysIQ™ Fat Burn depends on le pays, et l'option d'achat. Aux États-Unis, vous pouvez l'acheter avec une commande unique au prix de liste de $61,00. Or, you can buy it with Abonnez-vous et économisez, annulez à tout moment, bénéficiez de remises sur les frais d'expédition et d'offres exclusives, pour le prix d'un euro. $55,99. Vous pouvez bénéficier de l'achat de l'assurance-vie LifeVantage PhysIQ System.

Lose weight naturally without dieting or exercise. PhysIQ™ Fat Burn

Lose Weight Naturally Fat Burn product

What's Inside the Energize and Metabolize Supplement?

All LifeVantage PhysIQ Fat Burn ingredients.

Physiq Fat Burn green coffee bean extract

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Fat Burn - Green Coffee Bean Extract, an ingredient to support healthy weight loss and reduce body mass, helps maintain blood sugar levels already in a normal range, and promotes fat burn. *

Physiq Fat Burn Sinetrol ingredient


Fat Burn - Sinetrol®, this clinically shown ingredient is formulated from specially selected, unique Mediterranean citrus fruits. Sinetrol supports lean body composition, supports a healthy metabolism, helps reduce body fat, and supports continuous fat burning. *‡

Physiq Fat Burn B Vitamins ingredient

Vitamines B

Fat Burn - Vitamines B ingredient, are used by your body to turn food into energy. *

Pack PhysIQ de LifeVantage

Energiser et métaboliser

This powerful supplement blend, including clinically proven Sinetrol®, premium green coffee bean extract, and key B vitamins, help you maintain lean body composition, support continuous fat burning, and maintain existing healthy blood sugar levels. You also get immediate results with a boost of energy.*

Perte de poids

PhysIQ Fat Burn is a safe, non-stimulant weight loss supplement that will help you lose weight without feeling hungry or sacrificing your energy.

Fat Burn Testimonials

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Comment jeûner pour la santé et la perte de poids. Vous pouvez perdre du poids rapidement en suivant quelques étapes simples. Le jeûne est un excellent moyen de perdre...

Qu'est-ce que le jeûne intermittent ?

Qu'est-ce que le jeûne intermittent ? Le livre du Dr Berg "The Fat Loss Bible" explique la science derrière le jeûne intermittent. Il dit à propos du jeûne intermittent, que lorsque votre...

La nutrigénomique est-elle utile pour la perte de poids ?

L'idée derrière l'utilisation de la nutrition pour perdre du poids est que si vous pouvez changer votre régime alimentaire, vous serez en mesure de contrôler la quantité de graisse...

PhysIQ™ Fat Burn Usage

Recommended Usage: Take 2 capsules with a glass of water daily.
Note: Green coffee and guarana extracts contain naturally occurring caffeine (less than 50 mg per serving).
Warning: Not for use by individuals under the age of 18 years. Do not use if pregnant or nursing.

LifeVantage PhysIQ™ Fat Burn combats stubborn fat allowing you to diet and exercise while optimizing the systems in your body responsible for metabolism, énergie, and fat storage, so you can reap the full rewards of your hard work.

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PhysIQ™ Fat Burn Label Info

2 Capsules
Portions par conteneur
Par portion Montant DV% **
Vitamin B3 (as Nicotinic Acid) 10 mg 63%
Vitamine B6 (en tant que Pyridoxine HCI) 0.85mg 50%
Mélange exclusif 1250mg
Sinetrol® XPUR:
Grapefruit Fruit Extract (Citrus paradisi)
Sweet Orange Fruit Extract (Citrus sinensis)
Guarana Seed Extract (Paullinia cupana)
Blood Orange Fruit Extract (Citrus sinensis)
Green Coffee Seed Extract (Coffee robusta)
Autres ingrédients
Brown Rice Flour, Vegetable Capsule (Plant Cellulose), Magnesium Stearate

** Les valeurs quotidiennes (VQ) de % sont basées sur un régime de 2 000 calories.
† Valeur quotidienne non établie.

‡ Sinetrol® is a registered trademark owned by Fytexia SAS.

PhysIQ™ Fat Burn FAQ

PhysIQ Fat Burn combines active the ingredients Sinetrol®, Green Coffee Bean Extract, and B vitamins to help you feel energized. With a blend of polyphenolic compounds specially selected from unique Mediterranean citrus fruits and green coffee bean extract, these ingredients help stimulate your body’s breakdown of body fat and support long-term weight management. Combined with exercise and a healthy diet, you can burn stubborn fat and uncover a body you love.*

PhysIQ Fat Burn uses smart ingredients to burn fat safely and naturally — It combines the wisdom of nature with the reliability of science to help your body shed unwanted pounds. Fat Burn doesn’t use any harmful stimulants to get results. It includes the fat burner Sinetrol to help reduce body fat and boost your metabolism and energy.*

Although everyone is different, no side effects like upset stomach are expected when taken according to our recommended directions for use

No. The caffeine content and the vitamins are at very safe levels. There are no other stimulants present in the product.

Green coffee and guarana extracts contain naturally occurring caffeine — less than 50 mg per serving.

Our product is made with naturally sourced ingredients that have been shown to be both safe and effective. Use as directed. Consult your physician prior to use if you are taking any prescription medications.

Although everyone is different, the product and its ingredients have been tested and no side effects are expected.

Sinetrol is a weight management blend — formulated from natural Mediterranean citrus. It uses sweet orange, blood orange and grapefruit extracts and their bioactive polyphenols to stimulate lipolysis. Sinetrol is backed by published peer-reviewed studies. The studies demonstrate a reduction in body fat and in waist and hip size. The activity of Sinetrol is enhanced with natural caffeine from guarana. Visit to learn more about Sinetrol.*

Green coffee bean extract is rich in chlorogenic acids that are highly absorbed and metabolized by humans. This contributes to body weight management by inducing the use of fat as a source of energy.*

B vitamins serve as a catalyst for energy metabolism in the body. Without it, your body can’t break down carbohydrates, proteins and fats for energy. Vitamin B3 and B6 are required for fat and protein metabolism.*

No. Our grapefruit extract does not contain any furanocoumarins.

Dietary supplements are not formally approved by the FDA before they’re put on the market. However, by law, all products have to be safe, legal and do what they claim to do. The FDA does regulate products once they are on the market.

Certifications des produits LifeVantage

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