How He Fixed His Bowels Problems

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    “I have had problems with my bowels for a long time, at least one and a half years. Much too thin and crampy. After having been to the family doctor several times, I finally got a referral for an intestinal examination in the hospital. Fortunately, everything turned out fine, and I had nothing to worry about. However, my symptoms still did not go away. I started eating gluten-free, using kefir and tried a few other things, but to no avail.

    Two months ago, my sister gave me a jar of Pro+ ProBio probiotics, which at first I didn’t want to use because I was already using kefir, which is also probiotics. She insisted and explained to me the difference in absorption capacity and number of strains in probiotics, which make a huge difference. I started using it anyway and after a few days I already had an improvement!!! I’ve been using it for 2 months now, and I’m really happy because my symptoms are completely gone.” 😃

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    Peter: How he fixed his bowels problems

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