How He Recovered From Kidney and Heart Failure

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    We’re on a high with great news and celebrating BIG TIME!

    Last July, Dick was rushed to the emergency room and hospitalized with kidney failure and again in August with heart failure … 3 + blocked arteries and heart damage. Our excellent cardiologist (Dr. P) examined him and recommended us to a Cardiac Surgeon for open-heart surgery.

    We told him we also planned to approach healing his heart and kidneys by biohacking with nutrition and subtle energy interventions. Dr. P listened and encouraged us, but said he’d never known this to solve the problem.

    Two months later we saw the surgeon and partially due to Dick’s age, 83, he recommended against the surgery. We continued pursuing the more holistic means of healing including ACTIVATING Dick’s cellular health through what is known as the Nrf2, NRF1 and NAD pathways, clean eating and subtle energy intervention.

    Fast-forward 6 months and TODAY’s news …. Dr. P entered the room smiling and said, “I have good news! No, I mean, I have excellent news …” Your heart is PERFECT, NO MORE BLOCKAGES … this is the best news I’ve had all day!”.

    He asked what we were doing, and we again shared our Protandim and other natural healing treasures. Dr. P simply said, “well keep doing what you’re doing” and he cleared Dick for the prostate surgery that was the culprit that began the entire health crises.

    Dick’s family
    Dick’s family: How he recovered from kidney and heart failure

    How we activate your health with coaching a natural approach

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