How Her Degenerative Joint Disease Was Turned Around

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    Thank you, Kelly, for sharing these amazing results!

    Loving the results from Petandim!

    Our dog, Clara, is 5 years old and was diagnosed with degenerative joint disease a couple of years ago. She is a Huntaway x Bull Mastiff x Rottweiler.

    Before starting Petandim a month ago, she was reluctant to come out onto the farm with me, had anxiety, she’d come out for walks/runs but often be lame afterwards. Cold weather also affected her joints and she was frequently stiff and sore in the mornings.


    No lameness 

    Less anxiety 

    Way more energy! 

    She’s acting like a puppy again! 

    She loves her Petandim tablet every morning. 

    12 WEEKS ON: and she’s still doing really well! Races off into the sand dunes at the beach, runs non-stop, has more energy now than our Border Collie x.

    So happy and grateful, Victoria introduced us to this amazing product! We have a very happy dog again 

    How her degenerative joint disease was turned around

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