How Her Dog Became Happier and More Energetic

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    Hey animal lovers! Listen to this wonderful story about my friend, Wendy and her sweet dog Tori!

    When I reached out to her, Her precious little Tori was unfortunately suffering from Kidney disease. She was under weight, having seizures and not very peppy. Wendy is one of the most diligent and caring dog moms I know, so of course she did her research, and we started her Tori on half a tab of Petandim (she’s a wee little one!)

    While we never make claims of curing any disease, sweet little Tori still has kidney disease, but I’m so happy to report that her quality of life is so much better! From Wendy-

    “She’s happier and more energetic than she’s been in probably 18 months! So, I owe you big time for turning me on to Petandim! I’ll forever be grateful!”


    You’re more than welcome, Wendy!

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