How Her Dog Hot Spots Went Away

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    Lisa shared her dog’s results after just 4 days of Nrf2 activation! Petandim is great for Nrf2 activation in pets.

    For 6 weeks, I have been trying to help clear Daisy’s hot spots. I know better than to try things that are not proven, but I did, with no luck. I should have just started with Nrf2 activation. Sure enough, these are her results in just 4 days!

    She is a 80lbs Lab / Pointer and I have her on 1.5 pills a day. I am happy to report that as soon as I started giving it to her, she stopped licking. So I can say with confidence, not only did it speed up her healing, but it reduced inflammation and relieved pain as she stopped licking.

    Look at these results!! I did not put a cone on her. I seriously love this product! She is staying activated from here on in. Anything I can do to help improve her quality on a product that is clinically proven to extend life, I am going to do. This officially means that every member of my immediate family is Nrf2 activated.

    Lisa: How her dog hot spots went away

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