How Her IBS and UTI Discomfort Went Away

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    Thanks for sharing your testimonial, Kristine.

    I was diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) last 2016.

    IBS is an intestinal disorder causing pain in the stomach, wind, diarrhea, and constipation. The cause isn’t well-defined. But in my case, it occurs every single time I feel pressured at work or in any situation, negative thoughts in my mind occurred, or worried about anything. I do take medication to alleviate the symptoms caused by IBS, but it doesn’t really help much in terms of the bowel movement(as it is the major symptom & discomfort of IBS).

    My UTI had been coming around on and off since 2016. No matter which kind of antibiotic I took from a Doctor’s prescription, it doesn’t really help. I kept having discomfort in my bladder. And I had to go through regular laboratory tests to keep track of the numbers.

    When my sister introduced me to try Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer, I was first skeptical because I already tried so many medications and supplements. In fact, I trust my Doctor so well that I make sure I only go to the best hospital in the country.

    I finally received the product after ordering online. I first took one night before I went to sleep. Guess what happened? I had my first best sleep ever! When I woke up, I felt more energized and active without feeling tired anymore. Usually, I take a short nap in the afternoon to recharge, as I used to often feel tired. But since that day, I was able to finish my work at home, without having to sleep over in the afternoon. I finished my day productive and still had the energy to do some other things for myself.

    For the last month, I’ve been taking the product, my energy is pretty consistent. But the most important thing for me, I don’t get an ill stomach anymore. My bowel movement is normalized. And, my lab test shows, my UTI is cleared. My condition has improved so much better!

    Thank you so much that I feel the need to share my personal testimony here!

    Kristine: How her IBS and UTI discomfort went away

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