How Her Tumor Shrank and Surgery Was Postponed

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    Elisabeth’s Nrf2 success story.

    For years, I have minimized my story because I know there are others less fortunate. I believed that in my strength, I would “plow through” and move forward. However, I am now embracing my journey… My entire journey… as my story may offer hope to others.

    In March 1999 I had a large tumor surgically removed from my brain stem. I had exhibited neurological and motor loss symptoms prior to my diagnosis. The surgery resulted in permanent hearing loss on my left side and a paralyzed facial nerve. The recovery was long and painful. In May 2001 another tumor was discovered on my left kidney, resulting in a partial resection at The Mayo Clinic.

    After two failed pregnancies in 2008 a large tumor was discovered in my pelvis. After it was removed, I gave birth to a healthy, beautiful baby girl in 2010 at the age of almost 42. Jumping forward to June of this year, after experiencing a lot of pain while teaching yoga, an 8 cm tumor was discovered in my pelvis. I also had several fibroids.

    I was scheduled for a full hysterectomy on July 12. On July 2, I met Marisa for lunch to discuss LifeVantage. Marisa had introduced me too to the company three and a half years ago, but I was not “ready”. After I told her of my upcoming surgery and my extreme trepidation, Marisa pulled out a bottle of “little yellow pills” and instructed me to take one. She gifted me the bottle and I took one every day.

    The day before the scheduled surgery, I went to my beloved doctor who had removed the tumor before I had my daughter. The date was July 11. The tumor now measured 4 cm. I cancelled the surgery and started taking two “little yellow pills” per day to aid in the swelling and inflammation I was experiencing. Last week, I went for a follow-up ultrasound.

    The same growth now measured 0.16 cm. There are no fibroids. For so long, I lived with an uncertainty… Any pain left a question in my mind of a new mass. I now feel confident that I can thrive in the way I know I am here to.

    My dreams are big. My life is precious.

    Elisabeth: how her tumor shrank and surgery was postponed

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