How Here Skin Healed After Skin Cancer Surgery

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    Why do I believe in TrueScience and Nrf2 activation? The proof is in the pictures and the studies by LSU and why we created this topical product. Read Brenda’s story….“This is after a skin graft surgery (actually the second time on this spot on my nose) to repair a Moh’s procedure (that went 4 layers deep) to treat a basal cell skin cancer in December 2016.

    The first photo is 2 weeks post surgery when I started the TrueScience Nrf2 activated skin system after surgery… the next photo is after 2 weeks of using TrueScience and then 3 weeks… The final photo was taken in Feb 2018 at the plastic surgeon’s office, a little over a year post surgery. He was very pleased with the healing and how the scarring was so minimal. Also, he commented on how well the skin coloring matches (which, I guess, doesn’t always happen).

    Thank you, LSU, for doing the research on Protandim Nrf2 and skin cancer and contacting LifeVantage to develop a skin care product with Nrf2 activation… I am forever grateful!!”

    Brenda: How here skin healed after skin cancer surgery

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