How I Got My Life Back After Suffering From Fibromyalgia

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    Please read Vals story ……

    I have Fibromyalgia, like so many of my friends. I’ve spent countless hours over the years trying to understand it and the why. Not only that, but I read a very interesting article that the Dr. explains how treating the causes of fibromyalgia can also help us understand how to reduce inflammation and free radicals. I got to work and made some changes!

    Increasing glutathione, drastically reducing oxidative stress, increasing the right omegas, learning about how important my gut health and probiotics are, eating organic and a few other nutritional eliminations and tweaks, boosting my mitochondria production…

    These are just some of the things that I’ve done that have helped me to control my health issues (long list!). I feel like I don’t even have fibro anymore !!

    NO flares, no anxiety, no depression, deep sleep, no pain, no fatigue, no pain meds/creams, CBD, kratom. I feel better than I have in so so so many years!!

    I use the Vitality Stack and Axio. My quality of life has been restored back to feel like when I was in my 20’s!!! This was a picture of my bed in Sept 2018 (see below). So blessed to be done with all of that!!!

    Let’s learn from our loved ones, appreciate their changes, celebrate their successes, and trust them! When they share their struggles and their comebacks with you, listen up, someone you care about may need this help!

    How I got my life back after suffering from Fibromyalgia
    Vals: How I got my life back after suffering from Fibromyalgia

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