How I Improved My Anxiety

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    I have a story to share with all of you. Years ago 1984 precisely, I developed severe anxiety, could not drive and took train for a year to work. I did consult psychologist, hypnotherapist etc. but no one could solve it.

    Ultimately I was put on an antianxiety medication which improved my condition, over the years I got better but could never get off the medication. Now, after 4 years of NRF2 activation, I am forced to wean myself of that medication as It has caused low sodium levels in my blood. This is the side effect. But surprisingly I have no problem now, no anxiety, no problem driving.

    I am a board certified internist, and now I have started questioning the validity of all these western medications used for chronic conditions, and at what cost? More side effects? We need to reevaluate the need for such medications and need to incorporate integrative medication for chronic conditions.?

    How I improved my anxiety
    Jaya: How I improved my anxiety

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