How I Survived Breast Cancer and Decrease Cancer Recurrence

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    Breast Cancer survivor testimonial Thank you, Therese, for sharing your story.

    “I am a nurse, yoga teacher, mom and grandma. Health and fitness have been a part of my life since high school. I’ve always exercised, maintained my weight, and eaten healthily. Even though my mother had breast cancer, I always felt that my health lifestyle would cancel out the familial risk factor. Was I wrong! In 2012, I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Triple negative has the highest recurrence rate! A double mastectomy, 6 months of chemo, and reconstruction in 2013 left me depleted, but I was teaching yoga during most of my chemo, and had very few side effects from the chemo, thanks primarily to my healthy lifestyle, and prayer!

    As a breast cancer survivor, particularly being triple negative, I was always in search of that food, that supplement, that activity that would PREVENT recurrence. While there are many products that CLAIM to lower your cancer risk, there is little research to provide proof. One thing that is shown to decrease cancer recurrence is exercise, which I was already doing. (and I’ve exercised my whole life!) Then…my friend told me about Nrf2 activation. Being a nurse, I of course had to do my own research… Was I surprised to read the research regarding nrf2 exposure minimizing breast cancer cell production!!!

    Say what?? And this was one of many benefits with nrf2 activation! So…does it work? Well, I am still cancer free, but I know I can’t absolutely say Nrf2 activation is why. I can only pray that this is one piece in the cancer prevention puzzle that is in the right spot and will continue to HELP prevent recurrence in me!! It is worth every penny when it comes to piece of mind ALONE! YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!” We cannot claim that we treat, cure or mitigate disease #Breastcancersurvivor,#NRF2,#Chemotherapy,


    How we activate your health with coaching a natural approach

    Yes, … there is a way to naturally repair your body on a cellular level… through activating your body to do what it is supposed to. This is not supplementation, it’s activation! – We don’t claim to cure, treat, or mitigate disease. – The Little Yellow Pill reduces oxidative stress by an average of 40% in 30 days and increases glutathione by approximately 300% in 120 days.* – High oxidative stress and low glutathione are linked to hundreds of issues. – To start your Own Your Family coaching, sign up for a free account.

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