How My Health Journey Changed In 18 Months

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    Thanks for sharing, Tara.

    I’ve been on a health journey for the past 18 months, basically reclaiming my body from the effects of living with an autoimmune disease. I eat well avoiding certain foods that trigger my body, I exercise, I supplement, I cleanse, and I’m a water pig. All of these things that I had incorporated into my lifestyle had given me improvement, and I was literally the healthiest I had been since I got sick at age 24, I’m 41 now. I have a chronic lifelong disease, what could I honestly expect, let alone hope for!

    So, imagine my skepticism when a friend reached out with something else to try, but, after reluctantly taking a closer look, my curiosity was peaked, and I’m so grateful she had continued to message me, 5 weeks activated, and I’m seeing notable changes in my body!

    Deeper, longer sleep and dreaming!

    Feeling less anxious

    No headaches

    Reduced PMS symptoms

    Greatly reduced discomfort during menses This is massive! No prescription meds needed, only over the counter pain relief!

    More energy

    Less brain fog

    Almost zero IBS symptoms, my guts are so calm and comfortable

    I’m not nearly as fatigued.

    I wake refreshed in the morning, instead of that ‘hit by a bus’ feeling.

    Furthermore, I’m a skeptic, especially when it sounds too good to be true, but the science backs these products and my body now too, along with thousands of others! Since starting, our entire family have become activated, including the dog and the cat.

    This is too good not to share with the people we care about most. If you’re already activated, congratulations! If you’re still sitting on the sidelines and watching, for whatever reason, I encourage you to reach out to the person who invited you here and start an honest conversation.

    How my health journey changed in 18 months
    Tara: How My Health Journey Changed In 18 Months

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