How She and Her Pets Are Feeling Better

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    My journey so far: my product testimonial for myself, my pony and my dog.

    I was introduced to the Nrf2 Synergizer back in July when our pony, Oscar, had to have dental surgery. The vet said his periodontal disease was quite bad, so I wanted to give him every chance I could to promote healing post-surgery.

    Two weeks later, one Nrf2 a day, and the vet was very happy at how quickly the periodontal disease was healing, yay!

    So then I put our dog Clara on it for degenerative joint disease. She is only 5. Her testimonial is shared separately on the website.

    She had huge improvement on one dose of Petandim a day, she now loves going out for runs and just goes and goes!

    I have been on Nrf2 since mid-August and Nrf1 since the start of Sept. I have had some great improvements in my health, including:

    MORE ENERGY – I get more done during the day, don’t feel low on energy anymore, can stay up later at night and be AWAKE instead of falling asleep around 9.30pm

    MENTAL CLARITY – brain fog has lifted, memory better, I can multitask much better

    NO MORE GLASSES – after 10 days my eyesight improved!! Prior to starting on Nrf2, I was overdue to go back to Optometrist and get stronger glasses.


    LESS ANXIETY AND STRESS – take things in my stride much better than before, don’t get worried and stressed out, situations that used to cause me anxiety are much less frequent

    NO PMT OR PERIOD PAIN – yay! (Hubby happy too)

    NO LONGER ON THYROID MEDICATION (personal choice due to side effects of drugs) and I am still feeling energized! I still have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, but look forward to seeing improvements in my blood results over the next few months. I am 48 years old, so expect things to take 4-5 months to feel the full effects of activation.

    SLEEP REALLY WELL – I have always fallen asleep easily, but now I feel like I have a solid, deep sleep and wake refreshed.

    NO STIFFNESS IN THE MORNING – the old rusty gate feeling has gone, and I can leap out of bed and start my day feeling great.

    I did have some DETOX symptoms along the way – headaches, one day of feeling really whacked about a month into it. However, I trusted the process and my body and kept going. I love how these products ACTIVATE MY BODY to do the things it’s meant to do, rather than just popping a range of supplements that I didn’t even know were working or not!

    Thank you, Victoria, for introducing me to these products! NOW I HAVE THE ENERGY, MOTIVATION, CONFIDENCE, FOCUS AND CLARITY TO DO THE THINGS I LOVE

    How she and her pets are feeling better
    How she and her pets are feeling better

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