How She Could Stop Taking Her Concerta Medication and Felt Healed

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    Here is a beautiful story about ADHD and NRF2 activation!

    Thank you for sharing your story, Shakeel.

    Here it is…

    I am a respiratory therapist. I became interested in micro and micronutrients when my daughter Hope was diagnosed with ADHD at age 4. Furthermore, I began to study diets and food. I replenished her gut flora, took out dyes, sugars, processed foods and I saw slight changes, but her focus was about 5 seconds. She was getting kicked out of daycare, she wasn’t doing good in pre school. We heard of the melted center, so we took her to see if the doctor’s diagnoses would be different.

    The diagnosis came in as severe ADHD, and possibly we needed to come back to see if she would be on the autistic spectrum. They prescribed Concerta 18 mg non-formulary. Meaning she would have to take it even though it was not tested on kids under 6. We struggled, and finally gave up and gave it to her. She did 180-degree turn, she was doing so well and focussed., but my babies personality disappeared. She became numb, a zombie, she blinked a lot. Likewise, she was succeeding in school, but had sensitivities with sound. She hated to be touched. I researched the side effects and they are horrendous. Depression, cancer, stunts your growth, liver damage and …. I heard of NRF2 from my friend. At first, I was skeptical. I ordered it along with the brain drink, Axio, first week in January. Started her on a Thursday and by Monday she was OFF Concerta.

    We waited anxiously from her teacher. Day 1 was good, day 2 was good, by day 5 she had had just an ok day. We thought ok. Here it goes, failed! The next day she did better, and eventually she just CHANGED. She is doing it on her own!! No Concerta. Today we had an 8-year check-up. When the doctor went to write the script, Hope told her, “I don’t take that anymore, I don’t have ADHD anymore.” She continued by telling the pediatrician about NRF2. She says she likes it because mommy, daddy, grandma, sissy take it too. We take it because we are all the same. No ADHD and all healthy! I love this child. She is now level 2 in gymnastics. She competes and is doing very well. I’m so excited because by sharing my story, I am able to connect with moms that are in my same position. I am grateful for this company and their natural, life-changing products. This is the future. Grateful and thankful that I can now help others.”

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    Shakeel: How She Could Stop Taking Her Concerta Medication and Felt Healed

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