How She Got a Smooth Delivery and Healthy Baby Despite IURG

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    Wow! What a gift! This beautiful baby has been ACTIVATED even before Day one! Thank you so much for sharing your ACTIVATION pregnancy and delivery story!

    “I decided to continue taking Protandim Nrf2, Probio, Omega+ and Axio during my 2nd pregnancy. I didn’t take Protandim Nrf1 in the beginning due to there is not being much information available on its use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

    First trimester, I was very healthy and had none of your typical early pregnancy symptoms. Fast-forward to my 20-week ultrasound, this is where my pregnancy completely changed. At my 20-week ultrasound, it was discovered that my baby was measuring behind, and they sent me to a perinatal specialist due to them suspecting IUGR (Intrauterine Growth Restriction). My baby measured in the 6th percentile at this ultrasound, and anything below the 10th percentile is considered an IUGR pregnancy.

    At 22 weeks I sat down in consultation with a perinatal specialist to discuss what IUGR is, what could be causing it, the different kinds of IUGR’s and what the rest of my pregnancy care will look like. At this point, we weren’t sure what was causing it. The specialist stated that if I am indeed IUGR they will induce me as early as 32 weeks and no later than 37 weeks. I asked the specialist if I needed to change my diet or activity level, and he said that there was nothing I could do to improve an IUGR pregnancy.

    That statement I couldn’t accept! I was thinking there had to be something we could do! At 24 weeks, I had a non stress test done (NST) and a growth scan + Doppler. My NST came back reactive and baby looked perfect, The Doppler tests came back as perfect, blood flow in the brain and umbilical cord looked completely healthy. The growth measurements showed that my baby was symmetrical but measuring at the 11th percentile. I was very excited to find out we were above the 10th percentile, but the specialist said that it’s to close for comfort and that we would continue our IUGR monitoring schedule.

    The schedule was NST tests twice a week, Doppler once a week and Growth scan once a month until delivery. To make this shorter as I’m already writing a book, all NST’s and Doppler’s were excellent, and my pregnancy was considered completely healthy and looking great. This meant that the specialists couldn’t explain why I had IUGR and that we would just continue monitoring and will take the baby at the first sign of stress through induction or C section.

    At my 26-week scan is when I decided enough was enough with accepting that there was nothing we could do besides taking the baby early. My baby dropped to the 4.9 percentile, which put us at higher odds of being induced at 32 weeks or even earlier! This significant drop in percentile really scared me and I decided to utilize the tools I know exist thanks to LifeVantage!

    So right after this appointment, I went home and immediately researching IUGR on in hopes to find the answer to my case. What I discovered is mind-blowing and gives me the chills! Are you ready for this?!?!?

    “In the context of pregnancy, mitochondrial dysfunction has been associated with increased rates of preterm delivery, stillbirth, intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR), and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SID’s)”Wow!!!!

    That’s all I could think at that moment, I read that paragraph in the study! I immediately started taking Protandim Nrf1 that day!!! I was so ecstatic to possibly find the answer to my prayers, and it being a LifeVantage Product to boot!

    Let me tell you, the next month went by so slow in anticipation for my next growth scan! At my 32-week Growth Scan, my baby measured in the 12th percentile!!! The specialist came in and said that they need 2 months in a row of measurements being above the 10th percentile before I am cleared of the IUGR status and to stop all the monitoring.

    This next month went by even slower! At my 36-week Growth Scan my baby measured in the 16th percentile, and I was then considered a normal perfectly healthy pregnancy and could continue with my original birth plan of an all natural non induced labor/delivery!

    The specialists can’t explain how or why I was able to clear myself of the IUGR and from what I gather it isn’t common at all. Birth Story and my recovery after. At 40 weeks, my doctor started hinting at wanting to induce me at 41 weeks, and I was praying to not get to the point of denying her induction request. I decided to go with my mom to her acupuncture appointment to see if he could fit me in.

    He happened to have a cancellation and said he can trigger the points to promote labor, he stated that the acupuncture wouldn’t work unless my body was ready or close to ready to deliver. He said if it does work, I will go into labor in the next 48 hours. I woke up in labor at 2am, water broke at 2:30am and I had a completely unmedicated water birth with no complications at 7:47am.

    I had no tearing, swelling, and my pain levels were manageable. Piper weighed 7 pounds 1 oz, putting her at the 47th percentile!! Doctors and Nurses were shocked how much color she had shortly after delivery, and her oxygen levels were at 100%.

    I felt great throughout my entire pregnancy, my heart rate, blood pressure and all tests that were done came back excellent during the entire pregnancy and I had no swelling during pregnancy, during delivery or after. My body is bouncing back faster than with my previous pregnancy.

    I strongly recommend doing the Vitality Stack before, during and after pregnancy along with Axio! I shared all the products with my specialist and doctor, and they both were okay with me taking these products in place of prenatals.”

    How She Got a Smooth Delivery and Healthy Baby Despite IURG
    Katie: How She Got a Smooth Delivery and Healthy Baby Despite IURG

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