How She Got Off Here Thyroxine Medication and Stabilized Here Weight

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    A THYROID story… All she did different is start Nrf2 activation!!

    ” 2 months ago I had to go off my Thyroxine medication altogether as it was messing with my heart-mega palpitations and very slow heart beat, totally crazy! I had been on Thyroxine for 18 years!

    In the beginning my doctor reduced my Thyroxine from 150mcg to 125, then 100 but my heart wouldn’t settle down….. I went to hospital twice….. they said it was my Thyroid medication…..

    Being as sharp as a bowling ball, it took a while for me to connect the dots and realize just how powerful this little yellow pill is. I had been on this pill for 3 months when all the heart stuff started ……. So all you people with Hypothyroidism, be heartened. My 1st month off Thyroxine I put on 6 kg and tho my body had enough Thyroxine (T3’s) my thyroid and pituitary gland weren’t working in this area….

    My doctor said to give it another month, as she preferred complimentary supplements to chemical medicine.

    TODAY!! I have come back after my 2nd month blood test…. My Thyroid is working within the lower normal limits!!! Can you believe that!!!! 18 yrs of Thyroxine medication!!! I take no prescribed medication now! And am 60 in March! Thanks for the NRF2 Activation. And my weight has stabilized, too.”

    How She Got Off Here Thyroxine Medication and Stabilized Here Weight
    Giani: How She Got Off Here Thyroxine Medication and Stabilized Here Weight

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