How She Improved Her Life With ADHD

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    Calling all ADHD’ers

    ADHD in women can look very different:

    • Work overtime to catch up on work
    • Feels like their To-Do list can never finish
    • Feels ashamed is their house is a mess
    • Miss bills or overspends
    • Disorganized
    • Social anxiety or shyness
    • Daydreams
    • Mind wanders during conversation
    • Indecision
    • Tendency to be forgetful
    • Emotionally sensitive or reactive
    • May suffer from sleep disturbances

    “Did you know that 50-75% of women with ADHD go undiagnosed? I wasn’t diagnosed til I was 32!!!

    If you feel this way… you are not alone. And there is hope. I’ve made incredible changes that help support my brain to the max!

    Oh, and BTW —- LEMONADE AXIO is back! I’m seriously in love with this flavor.

    Axio is by far the only thing I’ve ever tried (beyond my Protandim Tri-Synergizer activator) that tames my crazy brain.”

    Rachel: How She Improved Her Life With ADHD

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