How She Made The Best Decision and Turned Her Life Around

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    ” Cancer wrecked havoc, but my Mom got her life back!

    Meet Ann, a very important person in my life… My MOM, Best Friend and my Rock! She is a colon/rectum stage 3b Cancer Survivor! She had gone through both non-conventional and conventional treatments for about 10 months (Non-conventional in Huston for 8 months, then 8 weeks conventional 5 days a week radiation, 24 hrs chemo for 5 days a week).

    Furthermore, she is now going on 10 years of being Cancer Free! Although she was in remission and Cancer free, the treatments she went wrecked havoc on her body. It left her with many horrible side effects that Dr.’s just said would be her life.

    She suffered from:

    – Joint pain (arthritis)

    – Hip pain (from where the radiation was focused at)

    – Sick all the time

    – Brittle nails

    – Sores on the back of her head

    – Constant infections

    – Many sleepless nights

    – Was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    – Bowl movements that didn’t happen unless drinking coffee every morning and had 3hrs before she could leave the house for the day. (If she didn’t go, she would just being pain and not be able to go)- Dry skin

    – Put into early Menopause at age 46 (brought on even more issues).

    As her daughter, I was not okay with the answer of well you’re living and this is just your quality of life now! I went to work, and we tried so many holistic routes that would sort of work or work for a little while, but usually never worked at all.

    We changed her diet, got rid of all chemicals, went organic (or hippy like as my husband teases us). Things would get better, but nothing significantly. I was introduced to LifeVantage 3 years ago but wasn’t convinced until I watched, researched the daylights out of it and then decided what do we have to lose.

    Well, I am happy to say it has been the best decision of my mom’s life to give these products a try. This woman has gotten her life back! She is the closest she has been to pre-cancer days than she has ever been. She’s been on the products for over a year now and even went off the products for a few weeks just to make sure it wasn’t a placebo effect. Let’s just say she is forever a LifeVantage lifer and will never not be taking every single one of these products (Protandim Nrf1, Nrf2, NAD).

    How She Made The Best Decision and Turned Her Life Around
    Kasey: How She Made The Best Decision and Turned Her Life Around

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