How She Recovered Early Breast Cancer and Feels More Active Than Ever

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    Just in from my friend’s friend, another life changed.

    Put your seat belts on, this is going to be a long one: In 2016 at the age of 50 I went in for a routine mammogram… I was always healthy and active, except for a lifelong treatment for under active thyroid.

    Yep it was breast cancer, early, treatable but triple negative. I underwent chemo, 48 rounds of radiation, surgery and an oophorectomy within 12 months. The following year I tried 4 different drugs thought to reduce the risk of re-occurrence. I felt like I was 90 years old from the joint pain. I gained 25 pounds and felt like I was constantly swimming up stream to get through a day.

    Furthermore, I received a call from my friend and personal trainer, Edna Valentino, telling me that she had a way to help me. That was in 2017 I was not ready yet but agreed to watch and read. That is what I did, I would read the posts on this page and all the research presented for the next couple of years. During that time, I decided I was done with all cancer drugs. I followed the research and testimonials of Protandim for another year or so and finally decided why not!

    Plus, the herbs that are used in the NRF2 are all known among naturalists in some form or another to be curative for so many ailments. I had spent $$$$ trying to supplement my body with these herbs in my own random form of a cancer preventative cocktail, not knowing what the heck I was doing. BAM, this pill had figured it out for me.

    Fast-forward, I have been on the NRF1, NRF2, Probiotic, and now the NAD for over a year now. My inflammation markers are at 0, my joints have stopped aching, my thyroid levels have leveled out for the first time in 6 years which has allowed me to decrease my medication, my cholesterol has dropped 40 points, my gums have stopped bleeding when I get my teeth cleaned, my vitamin D levels are excellent (I live on the East coast) and I have lost 20 pounds. *Note the weight loss was a result of diet and exercise as well *

    If that is not enough on November 5th 2019 I had 3 hour ankle reconstructive surgery. Today I did 3 miles on the treadmill and feel fantastic. My surgeon has been so impressed with the way I have healed. I have put my two daughters and my 10-year-old doodle on the regime as well. I realize that this is lengthy, but I told Edna I would not endorse this product until I had fully exhausted my own experiences with it. Well, I realize now its potential to help me has only just begun after 1 year. The quality of life and peace of mind that the Little Yellow Pill gives me is worth its weight is gold.

    I am including a picture of my ankle scar after only 3 months and my recent headshot to show how amazing I look and feel. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, but I can tell you that I have wasted money on many things in my lifetime, and the one place I will not be cheap is my health.

    How She Recovered Early Breast Cancer And Feels More Active Than Ever
    Fanny: How She Recovered Early Breast Cancer And Feels More Active Than Ever

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