How She Turned Around Her Rheumatoid Arthritis

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    I couldn’t LOVE the story more, that CC, just shared yesterday!

    Hi All, I am usually shy about posting, but wanted to discuss my journey. I will start off by saying that my path to LifeVantage started because…. My dog Stevie was the reason why I finally got a diagnosis in Nov. 2013. I was teaching him how to walk on a leash, and he got distracted by a twig. I had to pull the twig out of his mouth, and in the process, he accidentally bit me on my right hand.

    The next morning, BOTH of my hands were HUGE and swollen. I went to the doctor, and they took a blood test to make sure he didn’t have rabies. The blood test came back and showed that I had Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA).

    For 4 years prior, I had been trying to figure out what was going on with my body, but none of the doctors or specialists I had seen could figure it out. I was happy to finally get a diagnosis, but at the same time was CRUSHED to know that I had an autoimmune disease that would affect the rest of my life.

    After several trials, I finally got on a set medication where I did self-injections every week. The doctor warned me that it was going to cause weight gain and I shouldn’t get pregnant because the ingredients could cause harm to the child.

    At that time, I didn’t think there was anything else that would be able to help me because the pain was so immense and the medication was the only thing that gave me some relief.

    After about 4 years of being on the medication, I was struggling mentally with the idea of starting my family because I didn’t know what would happen to my body IF I got off the medication.

    Little did I know that I was going to meet someone who would introduce me to an all-natural gene activator that would completely change the trajectory of my life. I am so thankful that I said “Yes” to learning something new.

    Taking the gene activators caused a major transition in my body. I started feeling better and realized that I had actually forgotten to take my injection one week. I started to skip every other week, and when my doctor saw that my levels were starting to get better, she said I could continue to do so.

    One time, after skipping 3 weeks in between injections, I actually felt worse after taking it and realized that I needed to speak to my doctor again about the next steps.

    In September 2019, the doctor gave me her blessing to stop using the medication, but she warned that if I had a relapse that I would have to go back on it.

    I cut gluten out of my diet, began to drink a lot more water, and continued taking the Vitality Stack (Nrf1, Nrf2, ProBio, and Omega). I added the NAD when it came out, and it gave me even more energy.

    After being off my medication for a year and a half, my husband and I felt ready to start trying, and I am happy to say that I am currently due with my baby boy in November.

    For anyone not sure of how their journey will end up with Lifevantage, I will say that mine has just started.

    How she turned around her Rheumatoid Arthritis

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