How These Horses Were Helped With Nrf2 Activation

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    Horse testimonials.

    The following are a few anecdotal testimonies on the impact of using The LifeVantage products with horses. LifeVantage products that helped these horses were Protandim Nrf1 Synergizer, Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer, and Protandim NAD Synergizer. Petandim is suitable for pets.

    21-year-old AQHA Mare – The horse is used to rope calves and steers, runs barrels, poles and does general ranch work – suffered from severe sarcoid tumors in her ears, on her chest, belly and under her mane for over 12 years. The ear tumors totally infested the ears to the point she had to be tranq’d every spring and have them cut out of her ears, or you couldn’t bridle her. After several months on LifeVantage products, we began to notice the tumors in all areas reduce in size and quantity. After 18 months on LifeVantage products, she has one tumor the size of a small fingernail in one ear and three small ¼ inch tumors under her mane. All chest and belly tumors are gone.

    19-year-old AQHA Gelding – The horse is used to rope calves and steers, riding lessons, turn back horse for cuttings and does general ranch work – Severe arthritis in rear hocks, front knees, navicular disease in front feet – After two months started to notice better movement and flexibility – was able to reduce Isoxsuphrine dosage by half and horse remained at same level of soundness.

    21-year-old AQHA Gelding – The horse is used to rope steers, and does general ranch work – This horse has always been a bit of a spook on the ground. Once under saddle he was always fine but easily scared when not under saddle. After several months, a real change in his attitude was noted. He was much calmer on the ground. When being turned out to pasture, he would always bolt through the gate and run until he reached the pasture. Now he stands there and allows me to pet him, quietly strolls out, rolls and then heads to pasture quietly. No more bolting around.

    28-year-old AQHA Gelding – The horse is used for roping and general ranch work – top PRCA level competition quality rope horse – Has been roped on for 24 years and has arthritis in front and rear legs and is slightly navicular in front feet. Was able to reduce Isoxsuphrine dosage by half, and he is more comfortable overall in all phases of his work.

    15-year-old Paint Mare – All around horse used by two young boys for Little Britches Rodeo – In May 2011 the horse diagnosed with 9 subcutaneous cancer tumors. The vet did one cancer treatment and the horse was started on the LifeVantage products. Vet said he expected 8 to 10 treatments and then reevaluate. 30 days after starting on LIfeVantage products and after only one treatment from the vet there were no visible tumors and to date they have not returned.

    9-year-old Dressage horse – Trainer felt the horse has great physical ability and athleticism in the practice pen, however the horse really felt the pressure mentally in the show ring. It was so bad that the horse was disqualified in two consecutive shows prior to getting on LifeVantage products. After 6 weeks on LifeVantage products, she entered him in a show, and he won it. It was such a positive change in his attitude that the trainer was asked by her friends if she had tranquilized him for the show.

    How these horses were helped with Nrf2
    How these horses were helped with Nrf2 activation

    The following is a testimony by Dr. Schafer, a DVM out of Indiana ~

    A 28-year-old mare that I have been seeing as a patient was having problems getting up and around with arthritis and very stiff joints. She most likely has a pituitary tumor and doesn’t shed out in the spring. The owner and I were worried she would lie down and not be able to stand back up this last winter and would have to be put down. She only has one good leg, all her other legs are firm and stiff from arthritis or past injuries. The owner began giving LifeVantage products, this spring, one pill a day. Within 2 weeks, she had shed out. Within 3 months she was walking better and her legs that looked like one solid leg without creases or curves began to look like legs again. If I had not been out to the farm to look at another horse, I would not have believed it myself. She is obviously not a spring chick again, but she is getting around better.

    6-year-old AQHA Gelding – Navicular… This horse has been through training for barrels and roping, but since the owner’s auto accident 2 years ago he has been used as a trail horse. He became very sensitive in his front hooves during and after trail rides earlier this year and got to the point where he did not want to move and had to stand with one of his hooves stretched out in front of him to even eat, switching off between hooves. He was diagnosed with Navicular in April 2012 at which time the vet, who is aware of LifeVantage products, recommended we use it instead of the normal therapies that often lead to stomach irritation and other more serious problems. Owner started him on 3 tablets a day, ground up and mixed with molasses, apple sauce and pellets. After about 45 days, he showed remarkable improvement and appeared to be pain free. Reduced the dosage to 2 tablets a day, and he has continued to be pain-free. He gets taken out on trail rides in very rocky terrain, and he comes back feeling as good as when we left. He stands level when eating and now even greets his owner by rearing up and kicking at feed time.

    25-year-old Appaloosa Gelding – Rescue horse used as a companion, light riding. Came to the owner as a foundered horse. Coffin bone rotated and started through the sole of hoof, causing abscesses, infection, and complete lameness. Three vets said there is no saving him. Stalled him to limit his activity, farrier put hospital plate and cast on hoof and started him on 1 LifeVantage products, a day. Within 6 weeks, the coffin bone recessed back, abscesses and infection gone, sole of foot healed and within 2 months, the sole was completely solid. Was able to let him out to pasture and the first thing he did was take off running with his buddy.

    9-year-old AQHA gelding ranch horse was sent to a trainer and returned 4 months later with a fractured skull from a kick to the head, a crushed sinus on one side, four abscesses from the resulting infection and a loss of 268 pounds. The head was swollen so badly the horse was hardly recognizable, and the forehead resembled a Klingon from the Star Trek series. The horse had been on LifeVantage products for a year prior to being sent to the trainer. Whether he administered the LifeVantage products, that were sent along, is unknown. Upon return, the owner immediately started the horse on 4 LifeVantage products a day, 2 in the AM and 2 in the PM. Surgery was performed 10 days later to remove a silver dollar size chunk of dead bone from above the right eye and to dig out the infected bone around the other three abscesses. The surgeon stated the head would swell dramatically post-surgery, but that it would go away within 60 days. The surgeon also expected a permanent buildup of bone over the surgical area. Within three days after surgery, the swelling was actually less than what it had been pre-surgery and within 2 weeks the forehead returned to near normal proportions. Besides LifeVantage products, post-surgical treatment consisted of SMZ’s twice a day and wound flushing. All abscesses healed within three weeks and within 8 weeks the gelding had regained over 130 pounds. Once the incisions stopped draining, we applied True Science cream to the incisions twice to three times a day, and all healed completely with no scarring. The surgeon expected a layer of new bone to form between the eyes, leaving a slight bump across his forehead. The bone never appeared, and today he has regained his weight and conditioning. Unless you knew he had been injured, it’s nearly impossible to tell without a detailed examination of the area.

    Why do our pets age faster than we do? They age faster than you and me because they accumulate oxidative stress faster than we do. Protandim works the same way in animals, the same way it works in humans. Protandim can be used for horses (and other mammals). It has outstanding anti-aging effects and will give your horse, dog or other animals longer, healthier years.

    How we activate your health with coaching a natural approach

    Yes, … there is a way to naturally repair your body on a cellular level… through activating your body to do what it is supposed to. This is not supplementation, it’s activation! – We don’t claim to cure, treat, or mitigate disease. – The Little Yellow Pill reduces oxidative stress by an average of 40% in 30 days and increases glutathione by approximately 300% in 120 days.* – High oxidative stress and low glutathione are linked to hundreds of issues. – To start your Own Your Family coaching, sign up for a free account.

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