How This Athletic Mom Got Her Ideal Weight Back

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    Thanks so much for sharing your health & weight loss testimony!

    I’m a busy mom of two busy little boys. Since having my oldest six years ago, my health has progressively declined. One of my top complaints has been my weight; before having kids, I was a certified personal trainer… Before that, I was an athlete…

    I loved running and lifting weights and dreamt of sharing those passions with my kids. After having kids, I just consistently kept gaining weight no matter what I tried to do about it. I tried numerous diets, cardio, weightlifting, nothing mattered, I lost no weight at all and in fact kept gaining weight.

    At first, I could tell myself that it was just muscle I was putting on from weight lifting again, but when I hit 250 I knew for sure that something was wrong… I had been thinking about these supplements for almost a year and finally felt like I had nothing else to lose, so I might as well try them.

    I’ve been taking the Protandim Nrf 1 & Nrf 2 for about two months now, and I’m thrilled to say the scale said 228.8 this morning. There’s no doubt in my mind that Nrf is responsible for this weight loss. We’ve been under a *LOT* of extra stress these last two months and have not been careful about what we’ve been eating at all…

    And stress always = extra pounds for me. But here I am, down 20 pounds while not even trying, after *SIX*YEARS* of gaining weight while absolutely killing myself trying to keep it off without success. I’m definitely a customer for life. Also, this morning we gave our oldest Axio for the first time and there was a remarkable effect on his ADHD.

    He sat and did a whole project with me for 30+ minutes!!! He also noticed when other people were talking and waited his turn to speak, rather than just interjecting over top of others as though he never heard them speaking (which is what usually happens).

    I legitimately teared up. For the first time in six years, I feel like we’re all about to have health and peace in our family. I’m so grateful to God for leading us here (I don’t post pictures of my kids online, but I was so deeply moved by how he was sitting and working on this project with us that I had to take a picture! He helped with ALL of those bags PLUS the ornaments inside!)

    How This Athletic Mom Got Her Ideal Weight Back
    Erika: How This Athletic Mom Got Her Ideal Weight Back

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