How This Dog Recovered From Allergies and Lime Disease

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    FUR BABY LYME DISEASE TESTIMONIAL…my own fur baby! How Nrf2 activation can reduce the oxidative stress for dogs and more Petandim product reviews:

    My Rottweiler, BEAR’s story. I am sharing my own personal experience using this little yellow pill, with my own dog just diagnosed with Lyme Disease on August 14, 2019. I gave him one full yellow pill the day he started limping and became ill with a fever.

    I thought that he was having a side effect from the Pet Armor Plus tick preventative I had given him a week prior. He worsened and could not get up or stand or walk, and he stopped eating and drinking and had a high fever of 104° F that evening. I took him to an animal emergency hospital that late evening, and he tested a strong positive for Lyme Disease and was treated with an antibiotic, an anti-inflammatory medicine and I continued giving him this little yellow pill.

    My dog is a big boy Rottweiler at 116lbs and is only 14mos old. He was very sick and lethargic and lying around and disabled with a very high fever. Within 24 hrs of Bear receiving treatment and the LifeVantage products for his disease and symptoms, I am amazed how quickly he had improved and was back to his old happy energetic affectionate loving bad self!

    I do not know how quickly antibiotics work, but I do know that the anti-inflammatory med and his LifeVantage products daily have both greatly helped him recover so quickly. I am shocked how quickly he is healing, and he is now very active, walking, running, and happy, eating and drinking like before.

    He will always be given this amazing yellow pill daily to help him with his joints and inflammation for his Lyme Disease. I am so very thankful for this product! Finally, an all natural supplement available for our beloved fur babies!

    If your dog has Lyme Disease, please seriously consider the LifeVantage products for your fur baby. It has been a miracle for our Bear!

    I also noticed that his allergies and scratching had stopped, and he is no longer shedding his hair and the whites of his eyes are no longer pinkish red, and no more runny nose!

    THANK YOU GOD! Another win for this incredible miracle LifeVantage products!

    8/29/2019 Update on Bear. He started to have vomiting and diarrhea for 2 days and I had to stop the antibiotic for 48hrs and to put him on a bland diet of hamburger and rice, and he is keeping his food and water down well. I am giving his belly a rest and time to heal from the antibiotic. I will try to give him the Doxycycline antibiotic again after 48hrs to finish his 30 days of treatment, but if he cannot tolerate it, then he will be put on Amoxicilin.

    What amazes me with Bear, is that with all the food he ate he vomited and had diarrhea for 2 days, and he has not changed his energy level and activity much at all, and I believe that the LifeVantage products is the reason. It is reducing his oxidative stress and inflammation in his body, and knowing that he is on this amazing all natural supplement just gives me great peace of mind!



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