How This Dog Was Saved Without Further Hospitalization

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    Thank you, Patty, for sharing about your sweet dog Mocha.

    Patty: Mocha had three bouts of inflammatory disease called HOD.< Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy >

    These are symptoms:

    Symmetrical lameness (mild or severe), most often in the forelimbs

    Depression and reluctance to move

    Warm, swollen metaphyses (the soft, or growing part of the long bones in puppies)

    Fever, as high as 106° F

    Flack of appetite

    Weight loss



    Possible pneumonia

    Mocha had all but one!! (never turned into pneumonia!)

    After three stays and thousands of dollars spent in hospital stays and drugs, Petandim saved the day! For only $25/mo. Instantly got rid of inflammation within a week! No other meds! No side effects! Puppies are supposed to be happy and bouncy! Not sick and sad and in pain! Before and after picture!


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