How This Helped My Horses Withstand The Cold Winters Outdoors

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    I’m sharing a friend’s post. Someone may benefit from some help with the cold.

    Old man winder can bring its share of problems with horse owners. It’s generally the least favorite time of year with freezing temps, blustery winds, freezing water, not to mention it’s no fun doing horse chores!

    The fluctuation in temperatures that happen in winter along with some of those long stretches of bitter cold can definitely take its toll on both horses and owners. This is why many horse owners that discovered NRF2 with the found it to be their saving grace and find it to be one of the most important tools in their tack box.

    The benefits are numerous, but one critical one in winter is how it helps your horses withstand the fluctuations and weather changes much easier. We all know the scare of colic all too well, especially in older horses in winter. As an example, here’s what one Colorado horse owner discovered after he started NRF2 Activation.

    “I don’t blanket or stall our horses, but they have a shelter they can go to in the pasture. One thing I’ve noticed is a dramatic improvement in our horse’s to cold tolerance. It is much, much better than previous years. There’s less shivering, and they just seem to be better able to tolerate the cold since we’ve started them on NRF2. In Colorado, we can get some pretty blustery cold winters!”

    “We also have a mare that used to be rather nasty and just had a bad attitude. Since NRF2, her whole demeanor has changed, and she’s like a different horse with a new attitude.”

    Don’t take chances, activate your fur babies today with Nrf2 and Petandim.

    How This Helped My Horses Withstand The Cold Winters Outdoors
    Bobby: How This Helped My Horses Withstand The Cold Winters Outdoors

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