I Had Been Sickly For Years Of Chronic Fatigue

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    Thank you, Catherine, for sharing your wonderful story!

    How would I describe my health before LifeVantage? I would use the term “sad sack.” One doctor even told me I was a “hot mess!” I had been sickly for years and finally had to retire early from my long-time corporate job because of chronic fatigue—because of extreme exhaustion, it was hard to walk more than a few steps easily. I had fibromyalgia, macular degeneration, arthritis everywhere, fatty liver, thyroid issues, and more. Furthermore, I was trying anything, pharmaceutical or natural, but nothing helped very much, and I hated to be on so many meds.

    My friend Mimi told me about Protandim and showed me the science, and I found it really compelling. I brought the info to my doctors, they all gave their approval, and so I got started with Protandim Nrf2. Unfortunately, the next few months I actually got worse, but I believed in the studies and knew it was helping my body. After three months I added Protandim Nrf1 for mitochondria support, and in the fifth month I realized, at the end of a long day of physical work fixing up a rental property we own, that I wasn’t exhausted and or in pain. My joints weren’t plagued by inflammation, my energy was excellent, even my mental outlook had improved. People who had known me a long time began coming up to me to ask what in the world I was doing, I just looked so vibrant. I had committed to healthier eating as well, and it all made a huge difference. Even my blood work after one year showed that every marker had improved substantially—there was scientific evidence on top of everything else! When I added Protandim NAD, I reached another level of feeling great. I use ALL the products–even my hair has stopped falling out, and I have some new growth!

    Of course, I have shared about LifeVantage with my family and friends, and many of them are also seeing important improvements in their health. I’m so grateful for these products in my life!

    I Had Been Sickly For Years Of Chronic Fatigue
    Catherine: I Had Been Sickly For Years Of Chronic Fatigue

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