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Cura della pelle e dei capelli

A Clean Skin & Hair Care LIne

With Skin & Hair Care, you can achieve hair and skin that’s soft, healthy and beautiful. Our gentle formula is enriched with Nrf2 ingredients and the most recent advances in science to help lock-in moisture, protect your hair from free radicals, and restore its natural luster.

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TrueScience beauty system anti-aging

Sistema di bellezza

With TrueScience, you'll have smoother, more radiant-looking skin. You'll also have the power of Nrf2 technology to combat the effects of oxidative stress.

Sistema di cura dei capelli

TrueScience® Hair Care System, che introduce il primo sistema di cura dei capelli progettato per i biohacker. È scientificamente progettato con ingredienti Nrf2 e con i più recenti progressi della scienza, per una formula super pulita che è tanto facile per i capelli quanto per l'ambiente.

Sistema di cura dei capelli TrueScience
Truescience bellezza e benessere di lusso

Sistema di cura del corpo

TrueScience® Body Care System, stay clean, fresh, and smooth with a regimen that recharges body and soul with a trio of science-backed products featuring Nrf2 ingredients.

Advanced Beauty & Wellness

TrueScience® Advanced Beauty & Wellness, introducing a blend of powerful active ingredients designed to renew radiance and bring balance back to your skin.

Siero di bellezza TrueScience