Biohack University Part 1 Introduction to Nutrigenomics and Biohacking

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Welcome to Biohack University’s Business Builders Series! Part 1

Let’s get this success train rolling with biohack business experts Dr. Arthur and Kellie Lupsha. The Lupsha’s are both licensed Physical Therapists in Mission Viejo, CA specializing in neurological rehabilitation.

You will hear more about their physical therapy work and how that work led them to their biohack business as this course progresses.


Biohack university part 1

speaker 1


Hi and welcome. Thank you so much for being with us today. My name is Arthur Lecher. This is my beautiful wife, Kelly. We are physical therapist. I have a doctoral degree in physical therapy. Kelly has a master’s in physical therapy and a master’s in organizational management. And we just wanna say, thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy days and your busy schedules to be with us, to learn a little bit more about this amazing company, these amazing products that have truly changed our lives and the lives of so many people that we’ve introduced them to already. So we’re here to talk about a company called life vantage life is the forefront of nutrigenomics and biohacking. It’s a publicly traded company. You can find our stock traded on the NASDAQ. The ticker is L F V N and annual sales. Last year was about 200 million.

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We’re gonna tell you a little bit more about again, Livan Neu, nutrigenomics and biohacking, but honestly, I really just wanna let you guys know that we are so excited because the passion that that is brought to our lives and affecting the lives of our family, our patients, our community has been mind blowing, and we just can’t wait to share it with you and how excited we are that you too could be a part of this company and change the lives of all the people that you love. So a little bit about what Nutri genomics is nutrigenomics, really getting a lot of tension in the media today because it is the study of food and food plant based components and how truly it affects our gene expression. And I love that today because now that we’ve studied the human genome and we know it’s truly possible to regulate our genes and we can express them up or down, depending on what we put in our bodies, we can actually make a change on how the health of our body is gonna be in the future. And recently it’s become gosh, so much attention. It was even on the today show because they’re finding that through neutro genomics. That actually it has a potential for preventing treating mitigating even certain cancers today through highly informative dietary changes. So it is something that we didn’t know before. This is why we love this, cuz we’re truly on the cutting edge

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And truly Kelly, you know, what’s so amazing is that what we thought we would be destined to have based on our parents and our grandparents and our family history. And we all thought that our genes predetermined what we would encounter in our lives from a health perspective. We now know we’re no longer stuck with whatever our genes are saying because we can change that gene expression. I love it. That’s an amazing thing.

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Yes. So Nutri genomics. So let’s talk just briefly about bio hacking. What is bio hacking? It is a brand new term in the health space that means to crack the code on our DNA. So before we think of hacking, like what, but really you’re gonna start hearing about taking a complex system and making it simplified. And that’s exactly what we’re doing through the ability to hack or alter our actual DNA. And now we know that through natural modalities, we can actually prove we can increase our quality of life and improve our lifespan really exciting stuff.

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Yeah, truly again, Kelly, when we talk about biohacking, our, our bodies need to have a balance in all of our systems and how they’re functioning and those, those systems get out of balance. And through biohacking, we can recreate that balance again and help our bodies work. Optimally.

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Exactly. We work with another physician and he talks about how in our environment today that our bodies are being hijacked from the, you know, the air, we breathe, the pollution that’s out there, the herbicides, pesticides, the GMOs, the heavy metals, the pollutants, we can’t really get away, you know, from it today. And

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Even what we do to ourselves, with exercise and working out and how much stress we place on our bodies.

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True. So being that all day long, we’re being hijacked. We need to come up with the way ourselves to take that in control and truly biohack that and not let our environment get the best of us.

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