Biohack University Part 4 Start Your Business Now – 10 Simple Steps

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You now have a basic understanding of Nutrigenomics, Biohacking, Protandim, and the LifeVantage business that is growing around it. This is the perfect first opportunity to actually get your business set up and working for you.

You can actually start earning extra income now by following the simple steps and completing the action items in this lesson. We are here to help you succeed in building your Biohacking Business.

When you enroll with your Own Your Family coach, you will start with our unfair advantage of the Own Your Family coaching system.

Follow these 10 steps:

  1. Go to Your Coach, visit My coaching page and Enroll Today
  2. Country and language selection
  3. Join Us (When you click the Enroll Today link on the Your Coach page, all will be set-up)
  4. Find Your Sponsor (Your Coach page will automatically help you select your sponsor, double check it!)
  5. Tell us who you are
  6. Select your pack
  7. Your specific info
  8. Review and confirm
  9. Select monthly subscription
  10. Your LifeVantage ID, activate your Own Your Family coaching account

From 2022 on, Own Your Life allows clients to sign up from the Your Coach page. This page make it simple to sign up to the LifeVantage products and enrollment pack.

For more information, you can contact us, or book a call.


Biohack university part 4

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One of the things I love about life vantage is the helpful team atmosphere and the camaraderie I’ve met so many amazing people who really are looking out for each other and helping each other, grow their businesses. As an organization, built on the value of living longer, better lives. There really is a sense of teamwork, not competition among distributors, ultimately at life vantage, when one person wins, we all win like so many distributors at life vantage. I am personally committed to you and your success, and I’ll be happy to schedule a time to discuss your business. We have so many resources and talented people to help you map out the right plan for you to get you up and on the rails and moving forward to reach your goals and your objectives. As a life vantage distributor, you’ll have access to exclusive benefits. You will save at least 20% on all your product purchases.

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You’ll also be eligible to qualify and earn income several different ways, including commissions on sales, royalties, and bonuses. You’ll have opportunity to earn incentive awards, including participation in travel opportunities, cash rewards, and even a brand new Jeep. Before we move on to the next part of this course, I want to give you an opportunity to get your life vantage business started. Let’s not just talk about it. Let’s actually get your home business up and running so you can start earning extra income right away. We are all so different from each other. That’s a beautiful thing. As far as I’m concerned, it takes a wide variety of skills, talents, personalities, and temperaments to make things happen in this world. If you’re the kind of person that gets bored or overwhelmed with the details and you feel an urgency to just get started right now, then we can help you do that.

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The good news is that you can literally earn extra income before this week, or even this day is over. If that’s you, then you need to watch the next video. We’re gonna take you step by step through the signup process. On the other hand, if you need to know every detail about every scientific study and all the ins and outs of the business compensation plan and the process before you even get started, then you can just keep moving forward in the course. At some point, all your questions that can be answered will be your life manage business. And this opportunity will be ready when you are either way. I encourage you to take your next step in building your home biohack business. Now in the next five minutes, I’m going to take you through the signup process. Step by step. The only thing you’re gonna need in addition to your computer in a form of payment is the distributor ID of the person who invited you to take this course or watch this video.

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Their distributor ID is included in the email, text or message that brought you to this course. If you don’t have their distributor ID number, text message, or call them right now and ask them for it. This is important because this is what will align you to be on their team and part of their organization working together. Since this video lesson is a quick start business setup guide. We are only gonna present the basic essentials with the immediate actions you need to take in order to get your business up and running right now. So keep in mind that not every product or purchase option will be mentioned here, nor will every question be answered. We’ll cover all products and answer all questions. As we move forward through future video lessons. This is strictly the basic essentials to get you up and running now. So let’s get started.

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You can join the own, your family life vantage team in a simple way to join the team of your life, vantage coach and own your family. You first have to sign in after signing in. You will see all the details in the coaching page. So check your details that you have to log in in your own, your family website. Once you log in into the website, you will see left panel like here. Now I’m logged in, in the, on your family website. And I can contact my coach by that left panel. Click your coach and the coach pitch will display to visit your coach web shop or the full coaching page here. Everything is set up to visit my coaching page. From there on, you can decide through all the products of life vantage or to enroll in the life vantage team of your own, your family coach.

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When you decide to order you just click shop. Now that brings you to the web shop of your coach so that the coach can coach you on your health goals. When you decide to join on your family team. And when you decide to sign up, you can click the honor roll today area. We provided you some extra background information on the simpler way to enroll in life vantage and what you can expect of the on your family team and coach. You can see that you will get the personal coaching when you enroll and to enroll. You simply click enroll today that will bring you to your coach enrollment page so that there is a simple way to enroll in life vantage in the team of your coach.

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Step number one, open your browser and type in the URL life. L I F E V a N T a G Step number two, if you are outside of the us, you’ll need to select the country and language that works for you. You’ll find your options by clicking on the flag in the upper left corner, click on your preferred country and language. If you are in the us and speak English, you don’t have to do anything. Step number three in the upper right corner, click on, join us. Step number four. This is where you will align with your sponsor and your team. This step is vitally important. Find your sponsor’s distributor ID number in the text, email or message that sent you to this course or video,

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Click on search by sponsor ID and enter their number in the space provided. Since I’m signing up someone right now, I will enter my own sponsor ID. You enter the number of your sponsor. Then click find my sponsor, their name, and maybe their picture should pop up underneath just like mine does here. Click on their name and you’ll see them at the top of the next page. Step number five, here, you will enter your basic contact info, starting with your home country and language. Then your first name, last name, email address, and phone number. Then click start your application. Step number six. Now’s the time to select your business startup pack. This will include your initial products and your startup kit. There are five bundles to choose from the bigger, the bundle, the more products you get and the more you save in the case of this new distributor, we’re going to select the platinum pack, which is the largest pack. We encourage you to do the same for four reasons. First, you get the biggest savings of 30% off. Second. It gives you some of every product so you can try them all. Third there’s extra pro tandem NRF one and NRF two. So you can have some on hand for immediate sales and fourth. It puts you in the optimal position to maximize your commission potential

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Click on your selection. And it brings up a window showing how much you’re saving in the bundle. In this case, 30% or over $500, click on select pack and kit. Step number seven, you will now fill out the rest of your contact information, fill it out line by line. This will confirm your identity as well as your primary address, shipping address, where you want your product to be delivered and billing address that corresponds with your payment method. You will also select shipping method, which defaults to three to five days. If you want to pay for faster delivery, you can change your selection here, enter your tax ID number or social security number here. If you were joining as a business entity, indicate that here and enter your business tax ID number, check to make sure your information is correct. And check the box here. If you are joining with your spouse as part of your business, check this box and enter their name below it.

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Create your account password here. After reviewing life vantages terms and conditions, policies, and procedures, virtual office agreement and privacy policy. Click these boxes. You can review all of these documents by clicking these links, check these notification boxes to ensure that you receive important emails from life vantage and sponsor, who is enrolling you. This will help you stay informed and equipped with all the latest resources. Now click on the review information button, step number eight, review and confirm all your details for accuracy. Then click on, continue to payment. Step number nine, you will now select a monthly subscription order. This is the product combination or package that you’ll want to receive on a monthly basis. It is important as an ambassador and distributor of life vanish products to be a user of the products. Since you’ll be receiving an ample supply of products with your startup pack, you won’t receive your monthly subscription products until next month, at least 30 days from now, we suggest you subscribe to one of these top row monthly stacks for additional savings, as well as free shipping.

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The vitality stack includes a monthly supply of Protem NRF one and NRF two, as well as our exclusive probiotic and omega-3 fish oil. The beauty stack includes the same plus a monthly supply of our true science skincare system. This new distributor is going with the monthly vitality stack click on continued shopping to add more standalone products. In this case, we’re going to add a box of Axio our energy for the mine product, select your additional products. Then click on, continue shopping. You can add more monthly subscription products, or if you’re finished, like we are click checkout in the upper right corner. Now we need to set our monthly subscription preferences. Starting with the day of the monthly won our products to ship. The default is approximately 30 days from now to ensure receiving your next shipment before your first supply runs out. Check the box, agreeing to monthly terms and conditions, and then review the rest of the information for accuracy.

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If everything is correct, click complete order. Congratulations, you are now an official life vantage distributor and ready to unleash your new home business and start earning income. Now, the most important thing you need to note from this page is your distributor ID number. Write it down, take a screenshot, put it in your phone, whatever it takes to remember it. This number is the key to start making money, click on, log me in and confirm your email address. And then click submit. You’ll note that an email verification has been sent to you see you in the next video lesson, which I recommend watching immediately so we can start growing your business now.

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