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Biohack University Part 5 Activation Protandim NRF2

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Gene Activation: What Protandim Does Like No Other

We will continue to peel the “learning onion” of biohacking as we focus this lesson on our flagship product, Protandim. Protandim effective fights the root cause of aging, Oxidative Stress, by activating our NRF2 pathway.

By circling back to this concept throughout the course, you will gain understanding and eventually mastery of this fundamental concept of biohacking and nutrigenomics.


Biohack university part 5

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So here is just a sampling that Arthur was sharing with us of the universities around the world that have studied Protem. And again, they were so impressed with Dr. Joe Macor. For those of you that don’t know he was the Elliot Crescent award winner. And that is why we now have 23 peer reviewed published studies on a website called pub me.gov. It’s the national Institute of health library where all peer reviewed published research is held. So as physical therapists, as physicians, nurses, anybody in the healthcare field, that’s where we go to look at our research. It’s really been unbelievable. And, and in all facets of medicine,

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Yeah. Pub me.gov is truly the gold standard for medical research and folks, what really blew me away is there’s only ever been one, all natural supplement published in circulation magazine, which is the publication of the American heart association. And wouldn’t you believe it, it was Protem, it’s the only all natural power to have ever been published there. These are the countries that we’re currently in. We need to add one more flag here, cuz we just recently opened up in China.

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So what is this flagship product? Protem Nerf two Synergizer well, this is a composition of five herbs. That’s clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress by 40% in just 30 days. It’s milk thistle Bacopa ER ashwaganda and green tea. All five were amazing ingredients each and of themselves. They’ve been used in Eastern IVed medicine for centuries and Dr. McCord thought, when he put them together, he would have an additive effect and it would be five times more potent in this combination, but actually he was wrong. He ended up with a synergistic effect it’s actually 18 times or 1800% more potent at activating the Nerf two pathway in this combination. And that’s truly what makes it so unique because it’s precise proportion of each ingredient that truly creates the synergy and allows this product to work the way it does.

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And that’s just such an important fact, cuz that’s probably one of the number one questions that I get from a lot of individuals because today many people are interested in their health. So there’s telling me, you know, I’m already taking tumor or I’m already taking green tea. And so understanding the difference between taking one ingredient and a time versus what happens in this synergistic blend is what is one of the most important things in understanding what this is doing inside our body. And Arthur’s gonna share a little bit more about what Dr. Joe McCord said about that combination and finding that perfect blend.

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Absolutely. And really folks I want to make sure we’re all understanding what oxidative stress is. Oxidative stress is that rusting that occurs on the inside of our cells. Here’s some examples. If you take an apple or an avocado and you cut it in half and you leave it on the counter, cuz you get distracted by the kids or the dog or the phone ringing 20 minutes later, 30 minutes later what’s happened to that apple, that avocado,

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Right? Absolutely. It’s turning brown.

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It’s turning brown. It’s literally oxidizing. It’s rusting. If you leave your bicycle outside for a year and the sun and the rain and the sun and the rain that metal on your bicycle’s gonna rust that’s oxidation of the metal. Well that oxidation, that rusting happens on the inside of our cells all of the time because of the chemicals in the air that we’re breathing in, the foods that we’re eating because of exercise because of pollution. So many things increase that oxidative stress and that free radical damage here on this chart that you can see. It shows that every single cell in our body is affected by this oxidative stress. Therefore every organ system in your body is affected by this oxidative stress and this free radical damage. When Dr. Joe McCord looked at this, he realized that fighting this oxidative stress with antioxidants, he says was like throwing a Dixie cup of water on a house, fire, your traditional antioxidants, like your vitamin C, your vitamin E your asy berries, blue berries, whatever it may be fights free radicals at a one-to-one ratio, one molecule of your antioxidant grabs one molecule free, radical, and they’re gone.

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But when you turn on the Nerf two protein and that Nerf two pathway, your body up regulates the expression of your survival genes, which increases production of amazing enzymes. And superoxide DYS mutase was the one that Dr. Joe McCord co-discovered way back in 1968, when he was a doctoral student at duke university also catalyze and probably one of our most important antioxidant enzymes is gluon which can be up regulated by as much as 300%. When you turn on this NF two pathway, when you turn on these enzymes, your body starts eliminating free radicals instead of one to one at the rate of a million free radicals per second, every second, truly incredible. So let me ask you, how do you want to put out your house fire Dixie cup of water Kelly or a fire hose in every room of your house?

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Right? Give me that fire hose blasting full blast

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Blast. Absolutely. So look again at this chart here on this chart, you see all the organ systems of the body and some of the diseases associated with it. We know there’s over 200 diseases directly linked to oxidative stress. And I simply looked at this and thought, wow, Kelly, if I take this product for 30 days and can decrease my oxidative stress in average of 40%, which in turn might decrease my risk of over 200 diseases, I’m all in

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Absolutely you guys, it’s truly an umbrella policy for our health and, you know, coming from life vantage, I always wanna say that our products do not treat, cure, prevent, or mitigate any disease process. They’re simply allowing the body to get back and balance and heal and repair and do our job. That’s intended to

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Do this understanding of what the NF two pathway can do in the body is so huge. Washington state university did a literature review that they published back on February 25th, 2015. And they stated that the NF two protein is a master regulator, detoxification, antioxidant anti-inflammatory and other side of protective mechanisms. And as they looked at all the research out there about the nerve two protein and how it functions, they stated that we may be on the verge of a new literature on the health effects of NRF two, which may well become the most therapeutic and most extraordinary preventative breakthrough in the history of medicine. I mean, wow. When I thought that we had the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of something, that’s truly history making. I said, let’s, let’s go, let’s run, let’s share this information and let’s see how many people we can truly help and affect their lives positively.

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