How To Start Living, Creating and Stop Wasting Your Life

The average person is spending over ONE HOUR on social media per day, just consuming (not creating)…

PLUS another 2-3hours watching television.

FOUR HOURS on average, GONE. Every day.

Let’s do the math here…

4 hours times 7 days per week = 28HRS per week.

That’s basically a part time job…

It’s literally 3.5 EIGHT HOUR WORKDAYS lost per week,

So when people say, “I don’t have time….”


Still, I know, maybe social media or tv isn’t your issue?

But what if you lose a few hours per day because of DISTRACTION, lack of GOALS, no PLAN, not enough discipline and drive. Maybe you’re just meandering without an agenda.

Then watch this….

Four hours per day over 30 days = 120hours = 15 WORKDAYS PER MONTH.

That’s incredible, right? 

So the average person actually has over 15 EIGHT HOUR days LOST… every single month. 

Now maybe you only “lose” 2hrs per day to distraction and social media. That would still be 7.5 eight hour workdays GONE each month. That’s still 90 full 8hr DAYS gone per year (that’s 3MONTHS!).

That’s not just time away from work.

It’s time away from your PURPOSE, your FAMILY, your JOYS, your adventures, your LEARNING.

I just love these Growth Days messages from Brendon Burchard.

Enjoy the Growth Day loop and personal development.