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What Genes Are Associated With Longevity?

To know what genes are associated with longevity, we dive into longevity and genetics. It’s not yet clear, or straight forward to answer, since longevity…

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Life expectancy at birth, 1960 to 2015

What Is Longevity?

Living a good life is not always determined by the years you are living. But longevity is the science that just do that. Longevity is…

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The Link Between Your Thyroid and Your Mitochondria 2

The Link Between Your Thyroid and Your Mitochondria

The link between your thyroid and your mitochondria!! If you don’t know the importance of your mitochondria, it is your energy power house and provides…

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Online Health Coaching Paving Way for Healthier Living

The coaching firm now offers a new health coaching service paired with high-quality supplements to help people reach their desired physique. Own Your Family is…

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Are You Tired Without an Obvious Cause?

Are You Tired Without an Obvious Cause?

A growing number of people suffer from persistent fatigue that won’t go away even if you take lots of rest. Long-term fatigue that stays even…

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What Are The Health Benefits of Milk Thistle?

Milk thistle, also known as Silybum marianum, is used for its health benefits for thousands of years. But what are the health benefits of milk…

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What’s In My Food?

Because of our busy lives, both a busy job, children (possibly to the nursery), sports, social and family life, we have little time for ourselves.…

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