Millionaire Succes Gewoonten door Dean Graziosi

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Millionaire Succes Gewoonten door Dean Graziosi

Designed with the sole purpose to take you from where you are in the present to where you want to be in the future, “Millionaire Success Habits”, by business coach Dean Graziosi combines stories, anecdotes, experience, and practical know-how to distill “the habits, principles, recipes, and exercises” which give successful people a competitive edge in business and a sense of fulfillment in their private lives.

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Millionaire Succes Gewoonten door Dean Graziosi

Voor wie is het?

Best suited for wannabe entrepreneurs and low-level executives, but also for every entry-level employee or young person who dares to dream big.

In “Millionaire Success Habits” you’ll learn:

  1. How a boy known by the initials J.P. went from sleeping in his car to being one of the wealthiest Americans.
  2. Why bosses are necessary – even when they are not around.
  3. What the most important of all millionaire success habits is.

Dean Graziosi’s Biography

Dean Graziosi is an American serial entrepreneur, investor, and bestselling author. He has started or played a major role in 14 different companies, including the platform, a collaborative venture with business guru Tony Robbins. He is also the author of several New York Times bestsellers, among them “Millionaire Success Habits”, “The Underdog Advantage”, and “Be a Real Estate Millionaire.”

This guide isn’t about adding more hours to your day. Instead, it’s about making better use of the ones we already have. You’ll learn how to replace bad habits with good ones, so you can get ahead.

To drill down into your why, look for the true purpose that drives your success and the real reason you desire prosperity.

Overcome the villain inside you that’s keeping you from achieving success.

What most people don’t realize is that there is one thing they can do right now to be more productive.

Believe in yourself and your ability to succeed.

With new chapters on Productive Habits and Mastering the Art of Achievement, Millionaire Success Habits shows you how to transform your life into one of abundance and success.