Online Health Coaching Paving Way for Healthier Living

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    The coaching firm now offers a new health coaching service paired with high-quality supplements to help people reach their desired physique.

    Own Your Family is a coaching company that offers coaching programs through online education, personal coaching and a premium coaching system, to help one achieve their health, wealth, and business goals.

    With the new health coaching service, Own Your Family uses their proprietary technology called Nutrigenomics and also Biohacking which is a collection of tools and principles for reaching one’s goals efficiently and improving performance at a fast rate.

    The team at Own Your Family believes that to take control of one’s health is to choose what one puts into their body. In other words, good and healthy food and nutrients are able to help one reach their healthier self. “Our mission is to provide an honest and affordable alternative to the mainstream and medical way of achieving optimal health and longevity. We believe that everyone has the ability to be healthy, and we will work with you every step of the way to help you achieve this”, said a spokesperson from Own Your Family.

    Own Your Family helps people to reach their health goals with their products such as looking younger with their skincare, protecting health with their probiotics, and even sleeping better with their sleep caps. Clients can order their products which are the Protandim®, TrueScience®, PhysIQ™, and LifeVantage products which match their health goals.

    “I was at my wit’s end. My skin is sensitive and sun-damaged. I had tried everything, but nothing helped. My confidence was at an all-time low, I wouldn’t even answer the door without makeup. Gail introduced me to the skincare and Nrf2 tablets from Protandim. She said it would take at least 4 months. I used these products religiously and slowly the results showed (I took photos to monitor my progress). Fast-forward to November and my skin is amazing, everyone comments how well I look. Not only has my skin improved so much, but my confidence is back – I even go to work without makeup! So appreciative for what these have done for me“, commented a satisfied client.

    Clients can now signup for a free coaching program which also includes their online health courses.

    For more information on how to get a personalized health plan, please sign up for a free account.