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We help people get out of the rat race in a simple and effective way that doesn't require a lot of time. Join our Own Your Family coaching community to understand how you can do this too!

Own Your Family is a lifestyle coaching company that offers online education, personal coaching, and a premium coaching system. We help you get fit, make money and build a biohack revolution business online!


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Own Your Life is a community of people who are looking to do more of what they love. They're not interested in just owning their free time, but making money doing the things they love.

With Own Your Family you can Own Your Life. Our coaching will help you learn from the best and reach your goals. We provide personal coaching to those who want to maximize their potentials. It's time for you to reach your dreams!

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Succeed with the Biohack Revolution

The Biohack University is a ground-breaking online biohack revolution course that teaches you all the online marketing skills and strategies you need to succeed in your own online business.

The Own Your Family - Biohack Revolution- is a life-changing educational opportunity with the most innovative Biz System in the world today, combined with an empowering education and personal coaching.

We are committed to help people realize their dreams of financial freedom through a simple business model that enables them to make money online while doing what they love most - Helping others.

The Biohack Revolution Coaching

Discover the steps to launch your biohacking business, activate your potential, and begin coaching for a thriving and fulfilling life.

You can create your own home biohack business! This will benefit your health and longevity, while also relieving financial pressure and anxiety. Start by identifying your goals and passions. Research the latest biohacking trends and products. Develop a business plan and marketing strategy. Build a strong online presence and connect with potential customers. With hard work and dedication, you can turn your passion for biohacking into a successful business.

Learn How To Start Your Biohack Revolution Business | 60 Day Plan to $1,000+ :

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Hi, I’m Tim Ellis, and I’d like to invite you to participate in this biohack revolution program. The idea is simple, we won’t just talk about your business but get you on your way to earning at least $1,000 within the next 60 days with the opportunity to grow your business well beyond that. We can’t even promise you’ll be making a million dollars as some might have promised you before, but if we don't get started today we'll push back all chances of ever starting a real, actual business, so let's take action!

Your Biohack Business Builder is Tim Ellis. In addition to being a Biohack Revolution Builder, Tim has empowered people for 30 years to connect with their purpose and live out their dreams. He's worked with some large brands as well as some small ones to develop creative content that brings love, and more importantly health, into lives large and small!

Tim Ellis
Instructors Lupsha

Your resident instructors for this course are Dr. Arthur and Kellie Lupsha. In addition to being expert Biohack Revolution Builders, the Lupsha's are both licensed Physical Therapists in Mission Viejo, CA specializing in neurological rehabilitation.

What Will You Learn In The Biohack Revolution?

First and foremost, for you to succeed, you must be interested in getting a good deal on health and wellness education from genuine experts. Additionally, it is important that you are able to care about yourself. We offer access to products and services that encourage self-improvement through a positive mindset rooted in purposeful living supported by modern science and ancient traditions.

Welcome to Biohack University's Business Builders Series!

Let's get this success train rolling with biohack business experts Dr. Arthur and Kellie Lupsha.

There are enormous efforts by research and pharmaceutical companies large and small in search of cures for mankind's most fearful diseases. Diseases are often symptomatic of oxidative stress or aging. Nutrigenomics takes a different approach by fighting the root causes of aging itself. This lesson gives us a glimpse of where we're headed with Nutrigenomics.

The term Oxidative Stress and the impact of Protandim probably seems new to most of us. Like so many scientific breakthroughs that are taken for granted as normal or expected today, like gravity, penicillin, and air travel, Dr. Joe McCord spent literal decades in the lab researching and discovering the collective technology that is now the basis for Protandim. All the way back in 1968, Irwin Fridovich and Dr. McCord discovered superoxide dismutase and the biogenetic revolution was born. The pair was later awarded the prestigious Elliott Cresson Medal in 1997 for their discovery. Now, 50 years later, the world is just now starting to wake up to the implications of treating the aging process itself and not its symptoms. This lesson highlights one of the most pivotal moments in this awakening, the airing of an ABC PrimeTime special report. There is much to be learned here, both in the science and in the business of biohacking.

You now have a basic understanding of Nutrigenomics, Biohacking, Protandim, and the LifeVantage business that is growing around it. This is the perfect first opportunity to actually get your business set up and working for you. You can actually start earning extra income now by following the simple steps and completing the action items in this lesson. We are here to help you succeed in building your Biohacking Business.

Gene Activation: What Protandim Does Like No Other

We will continue to peel the "learning onion" of biohacking as we focus this lesson on our flagship product, Protandim. Protandim effective fights the root cause of aging, Oxidative Stress, by activating our NRF2 pathway. By circling back to this concept throughout the course you will gain understanding and eventually mastery of this fundamental concept of biohacking and biogenetics, gene activation.

Part 6 of this course focuses on Protandim NRF1. This gene activator regulates our cells NRF1 pathway which is responsible for balancing the health and reproduction of our mitochondria. Our mitochondria produces ATP, our bodies energy fuel. It is widely understood that dysfunctional mitochondria leads to many ills and diseases and underlies much of what we call aging. Along with Protanim NRF2, Protandim NRF1 by LifeVantage is recommended as part of your daily nutritional regimen.

Learn how to have more time with your family

All It Takes Is A Single Step

It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at with your online business, all you ever need to do is take the next step.

When you’re just getting started you’re bubbling with emotion. You’re excited about the mind-boggling potential of online business but you’re overwhelmed with the many directions you could take.

You have a whirlwind of thoughts:

“I have an idea but no clue how to make it a product that I could sell online.”

“I have no idea, but I know I want to create a transformational online business - how on earth do I get started?”

“I have too many ideas and I want to create a massive impact- what do I need to do?”

“I just don’t have the time!”

Knowing in which direction to go is tough, and you don’t want to waste valuable time reinventing the wheel and discovering all there is to know about online business yourself.

You need a guide and the tools to turbo-boost your journey. You need the knowledge and experts to help you along this fascinating path so that you can start earning money as soon as possible…

… and save valuable time, too.

Learn how to own your family

What Is The Biohack Revolution?

The Biohack Revolution is an online business coaching with a home business system, a biohack university, and an opportunity to own your life.

In short, we will teach you the needed knowledge, and give you access to our system, so that you can start your own biohack revolution business. 

How to join the revolution?

You can join our website for FREE. Just sign up and start your biohack journey. With the Own Your Family biohack revolution, you can own your life with three simple steps:

#1. Start your car: create your account for FREE

Join our Own Your Family website, register your free account.

#2. Put in the fuel: order LifeVantage products from the Own Your Family website

Use health products from LifeVantage. Order from our website and get personal health coaching.

#3. Put the car in gear: sponsor your first person with your Own Your Family Smart Page

Get down the freeway, put the car in gear. Sponsor your first person. Our online system keeps it simple to do.

Biohacking With Own Your Family

The Biohack Revolution is an eCommerce business with no inventory, no shipping, no franchise fees, and even your website is created for you. We work with a publicly traded company with best in class, scientifically proven products that are first to market in an emerging specialized niche in the trillion dollar health and wellness industry, and it's changing lives daily. This business is positioned to explode. The company currently has $200MM in annual sales in less than a decade and is about to hit what we call its momentum phase on its way to $1B and beyond.

I'll remind you once more, the biohack revolution course is absolutely FREE, with no obligation. I love this business. But, if for whatever reason you decide not to launch your biohack revolution business, which I can’t imagine, you don’t have to, and you will be out nothing.

What specific goals do you have in mind that you would like to achieve?

Let's work together to create a plan to make them a reality.

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