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Own Your Family is an online family of educated, and highly motivated individuals. We have been helping people from all walks of life achieve their health and wealth goals. We’re the first group that offers an entire coaching system that will help you live a healthy, wealthy and family-centered life.

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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Poet, philosopher and essayist

“The first wealth is health.”



Do you want to spend more time with your family, but can't seem to get away from the rat race? The Own Your Family home business is a way to make money while staying at home. And it's so simple, anyone can do it.


Aspire for more! Live a family centered life, get more time, aspire for your personal freedom. If you are looking to make some extra income and have a passion for helping people, then Own Your Family is the perfect business opportunity for you.


Own Your Family is a digital health coaching program that helps you live healthier and longer. It is built on the principles of nutrigenomics which is the study of how nutrients affect gene expression in order to improve your health, with special emphasis on optimizing the human lifespan.


Wealth is your key to financial freedom. Leave the rat race, own your time and earn recurring commissions. Improve your wealth. Stop exchanging your time for money. Use the power of a leveraged income. Own Your Family is a simple and powerful online coaching system that give you a full online business.


What We Do For You?

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Free Access to our Coaching System

We help people get out of the rat race in a simple and effective way that doesn't require a lot of time. Join our Own Your Family coaching community to understand how you can do this too!

Own Your Family is a lifestyle coaching company that offers online education, personal coaching, and a premium coaching system. We help you get fit, make money and build a business online!


Learn to Own Your Life

Own Your Life is a community of people who are looking to do more of what they love. They're not interested in just owning their free time, but making money doing the things they love.

With Own Your Family you can Own Your Life. Our coaching will help you learn from the best and reach your goals. We provide personal coaching to those who want to maximize their potentials. It's time for you to reach your dreams!

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Succeed with the Biohack Revolution

The Biohack Revolution is a ground-breaking online business opportunity that teaches you all the online marketing skills and strategies you need to succeed in your own online business.

The Own Your Family - Biohack Revolution course - is a life-changing educational opportunity with the most innovative Biz System in the world today, combined with an empowering education and personal coaching.

We are committed to help people realize their dreams of financial freedom through a simple business model that enables them to make money online while doing what they love most - Helping others.

Why Us

Own Your Family

We are a team of experts who have excelled in their respective fields. With our experience and knowledge, we have created a pathway for you to achieve your personal health and wealth goals.

When you feel like an eagle or a lion, Own Your Family can be the right environment

Become more in life, achieve your dreams, and release the leader deep inside of you.

We are not just your typical "coaching" service. We are a transformation center, an online family of educated, and highly motivated individuals. We are here to coach you to live a healthy, wealthy and a family-centered life.

  • Active Team

  • Personal Connection

  • Success Driven

  • Longevity with Nutrigenomics and Biohacking

    Own Your Family coaching is created to help you reach your desired physique with the best online coaching you can ever find. We do this through our proprietary coaching technology called Own Your Family. Furthermore, do we focus on family-centered lifestyle coaching in nutrigenomics, biohacking and longevity.

    Nutrigenomics is the science behind how your body responds to food. Our system also includes Biohacking – a collection of tools and principles for reaching your goals efficiently and improving performance at a fast rate. Longevity is the prolonging of your life expectancy and age-related diseases, so that you can thrive more.

Health & Lifestyle Posts

Own Your Family publish health and lifestyle articles to grow awareness in our community. Our articles are focused on longevity, nutrigenomica, and biohacking.

cells, human, medical-1872666.jpg

What Is Systems Biology?

By Own Your Family

Systems biology is an interdisciplinary field that combines biology, computer science, and other fields to understand the complex interactions within cells and organisms. Systems biology…

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dna, biology, medicine-163466.jpg

Is Nutrigenomics a Real Science?

By Own Your Family

Is nutrigenomics a real science? We will go deeper in the scientific studies around nutrigenomics. All major universities around the world are doing research in…

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potato fries on white ceramic plate

What Are the Dangers of Air Fryers?

By Own Your Family

As you may imagine, I am not a fan of fried food. For that reason, I admit I have not paid much attention to the…

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soy yellow beans on white surface

How Soybean Oil May Cause Irreversible Changes in Your Brain

By Own Your Family

Your choice of cooking oil can make a profound difference in your health. I’ve often warned against the use of soybean oil. Not only is…

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How to Measure and Optimize Your Mitochondrial Health

By Own Your Family

Dr. Frank Shallenberger, author of “Bursting With Energy: The Breakthrough Method to Renew Youthful Energy and Restore Health,” has been a natural medicine physician for…

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Cruciferous green broccoli on brown wooden chopping board

How Broccoli Shows Major Healing Potential

By Own Your Family

Science has repeatedly proven that food is a profoundly effective medicine that can activate many healthy nuclear transcription factors in your body. Broccoli and other…

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cellphone radiation

Can Cellphone Radiation be Linked to Heart and Brain Tumors?

By Own Your Family

Mounting evidence suggests electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation from cellphones can trigger abnormal cell growth and cancer1,2 As early as 2011, the evidence was strong enough for…

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Curcumin turmeric root

How Curcumin Can Help Your Healthy Lifestyle

By Own Your Family

Turmeric, a yellow curry spice used in Indian cuisine, has a long history of medicinal use in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine. Modern science…

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dna, genetic, science-6179524.jpg

What Is Nutrigenomics?

By Own Your Family

Nutrigenomics is the study of how food affects your genes and how your genes affect the way you respond to food. This could be used…

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Exclusive Products

Nutrigenomics and biohack products to support your longevity

Protandim nrf1 nrf2 nad synergizer


LifeVantage Protandim

Take a step toward a healthier you with Protandim. This product line is a science-based supplement that can help you live a healthier life.

Protandim uses the power of plants to restore your body's ability to protect itself from the damage that leads to accelerated aging and disease.


LifeVantage TrueScience

TrueScience is the world's first all-natural, plant-based product line that offers an alternative to synthetic products on the market with its full range of beauty and hair products.

TrueScience products use natural ingredients that trigger your cells to produce more collagen and elastin. Your skin will feel firmer and more toned.

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PhysIQ and Nutrition 1080x1080


LifeVantage PhysIQ

We’re committed to your long-term health and well-being. We want to help you get back in touch with your body, stay healthy and live a more active lifestyle. And ultimately, we’re here to help you achieve your goals and achieve a healthier, happier you.


Targeted Nutrition

LifeVantage targeted nutrition is designed to help you achieve results. Our targeted nutrition is the perfect alternative to synthetic vitamins, drugs, and supplements and delivers real results.

Get the right nutrients for your body, so you can start feeling great and look great! Start improving your health today with a customized formula to fit your needs and your goals.

Daily wellness supplement 5 to Thrive

What are your goals?

Are you SERIOUS about achieving your goals? Own Your Family is a coaching program that can help you achieve your health, wealth and business goals. Through our online education, personal coaching and premium coaching system, we'll help you reach the success you've been dreaming of.

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