Ostatnia książka o prawie przyciągania autorstwa Andrew Kapa

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Ostatnia książka o prawie przyciągania autorstwa Andrew Kapa

You may have heard of the Law of Attraction before and even tried to practice it yourself. But no matter what you have tried, you are still not closer to your dream life than you were at the start! “The Last Law Of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need To Read” finally provides the missing link to make your wildest dreams come true – all you need to do is bypass your ego.

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Ostatnie prawo przyciągania, które musisz przeczytać - Andrew Kap

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Best suited for anyone who finally wants to make the Law of Attraction work for themselves, anyone interested in the Law of Attraction, fans of New Thought.

The last law of attraction book is a great read for solopreneurs, mompreneurs, and dadpreneurs.

The Last Law Of Attraction Book

The Last Law of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need To Read Book Review

“It was created because — even though you may not realize this now — you actually already have all the tools you need to unlock your dream and manifest your desires.”

“THE LAW OF ATTRACTION: The short version is that if you think about something, you’re attracting it to your life. Whether it’s positive, negative, or neutral, you’re creating an energetic field around yourself that attracts what you put your attention on.”

The last law of attraction book energia

“Energy is everything. I will say that one more time, because people often understand this concept intellectually when they hear it. But then rarely stop to think about what the implications of it truly are. So, again… Energy is everything. EVERYTHING.“

“Good/positive emotions = desired outcomes are on their way bad/negative emotions = unwanted outcomes are on their way”

“Even if you don’t think you’re capable of having a pure positive focus, just try it once a day for 60 seconds. You might be surprised by what happens.”

The last law of attraction book feelings

“Thought is an energy construct. Time is an energy construct. Energy is an energy construct. Everything is an energy construct. Every thought, every action, every emotion, every experience, every interaction, every moment, everything is an energy construct. We are all connected through our thoughts, emotions.

The last law of attraction book manifestations

“Feeling better is the key to making sure that whatever manifestations you use actually work for you.”

“We all want to feel good. We all want to be happy. But we also want to feel safe, loved, and accepted. We want to feel free. We want to feel connected. We want to feel important. We want to feel useful. We want to feel worthy. We want to feel valuable. We want to feel appreciated. We want to feel respected. We want to feel understood. We want to feel supported. We want to feel inspired. We want to feel motivated. We want to feel confident. We want to feel secure. We want to feel comfortable. We want to feel at peace. We want to feel loved. We want to feel accepted. We want to be happy. We want to feel fulfilled. We want to feel complete. We want to feel satisfied. We want to feel successful. We want to feel proud. We want to feel strong. We want to feel healthy.

“You need to make sure you’re feeling good for the right reasons. If you’re feeling good because you’re worried about what someone else thinks of you, then you’re not feeling good for the right reason. If you’re feeling happy because you’ve got a great job, then you’re not going to be happy if you lose your job. If you’re feeling excited because you’ve got a date coming up, then you’re not excited if you get dumped. If you’re feeling angry because you’ve been cheated out of money, then you’re not angry if you win the lottery. If you’re feeling sad because you lost a loved one, then you’re not sad if you meet a new friend. If you’re feeling jealous because you saw someone else getting a promotion, then you’re not jealous if you get promoted yourself. If you’re feeling anxious because you’re worried about an exam, then you’re not anxious if you ace it. If you’re feeling proud because you won a race, then you’re not proud if you lose it. If you’re happy because you’ve found a new hobby, then you’re not happy if you lose interest in it. If you’re excited because you’ve got tickets to see

The last law of attraction book focusing

“There’s a big difference between focusing on the positive aspects of something and focusing on the negative aspects of something. One is a focus on the positive, and the other is focused on the negative.”

“Write down what you want. Feel free to write as many things as you want. You can even write down things you think you might want someday. But whatever you write down, keep it somewhere safe. If you lose it, you won’t be able to manifest anything.”

The last law of attraction book step 2:

“In Step 2, you will write down everything you want, one at a time, with as much or little detail as you’d like. You’ll also need to think about what you’re asking for in terms of your own energy. Are you asking for something specific? Or are you just wanting to feel more connected to yourself and others?”

“This method is so effective because it allows us to focus on our goals while still maintaining a sense of safety and security. When we feel safe and secure, we tend to stay focused on our goals. We also tend to feel more confident about achieving our goals.”

“Thanking someone in advance helps them feel confident about what’s coming next. It also helps you feel confident about what’s coming next. By doing this, you’re affirming your confidence in what you’re about to receive. You’re also reaffirming your confidence in yourself. And if you want to, you could visualize “someone” in front of you to help you feel even more positive about what’s going to happen next.”

Gratitude Blitzing is a simple exercise that helps you feel happier and healthier. You can do it anywhere at anytime. It is a great way to boost your energy levels and increase your positivity.

“Blitzing is an exercise that helps you experience a nonstop barrage of feelings of gratitude and appreciation that gain momentum, grow stronger with each passing moment, and help you achieve an extremely attractive and receptive state very fast and easily. If you focus on time, you should spend at least 60-90 seconds engaging in the process.”

The last law of attraction book expectation

“You can’t base your future expectations off your present circumstances. These “expects” you have about your career, your love, your finances, your relationships, your health, and everything else in your life… are all based on an illusion, because you think that what you see right now in your life, is all that there is. You think that what’s happening right now in your life will always happen. But there’s a bigger possibility – vibrating at a slightly higher frequency right now – that can pop into your reality with only a minor shift in the signals that you’re sending out. And it’ll be the manifestation methods in this guide that help you consciously choose that desired signal. There’ll be another reality just waiting for YOU.”

“I am grateful for all the money I have received so far. I am also grateful for all the money that I will receive in the future.” You are essentially journaling and documenting your daily activities. This is one of my favorite manifestation methods because it allows you to easily document your progress and see exactly what you have accomplished. It is also a great visualization tool for when you need to remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing.

By using scripting to activate your mind and create a compelling scene for yourself, you’re actually triggering your brain to send out vibrational signals that attract the things you want to happen.

Bottom line: “Why It‘s So Great” scripts are simply an easy way to script in a different voice and at a different pace with a more relaxed vibe, so that you can get in and out of it easily and make the sessions as long or as short you want.

“You don’t need to pick a specific goal. You can also ask questions like: “What would it take for me to feel happy today?” or “What would it mean to me to be successful?” or ‘What would it mean to be healthy?’ or ‘What would I need to do to get out of debt?’ or “What would I need to change in my life to be happier?” or ” What would it mean to me if I could help others?” or „What would it mean to my family if I were to become a millionaire?” or‚ What would it mean to the world if I became an …

The last law of attraction book visualization

“This is a great visualization to do when you’re drifting asleep. You’ll be able to see yourself floating above your body and watching what you’re doing. This is a great way to send instructions to your subconscious mind and the universe about what you want to focus on during the next day.”

“If you’re taking public transportation, make sure to bring a pen and pad with notes on them. If you’re driving to work, make sure you have your phone with you. If you’ll be alone in the car, make sure you have a few minutes to spare to do some spoken scripting. Even just 5 minutes a day of any of the methods in this guide will do more for you than you could ever imagine. Don’t let excuses stop you. Stay on track. ”

“It’s not about making money. It’s about creating something that will last. It’s not about getting rich. It’s all about the journey. It’s a game, an adventure and an experiment. It’s also about doing what you love. If you’re going to spend time doing something, then you might as well enjoy it. And if you’re going through the motions, then you’re missing out on the real joy of life. So, go ahead and try it. Just dive in. The methods are already there if you give them even a half a chance. The more you do, the better you get. And the more capacity you have to enjoy it more and more as you grow.”