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Modern Theories of Anti-Aging

What Is The Mitochondrial Theory of Aging? Protandim Nrf 1 Synergizer™ anti-aging support.

What Is The Oxidative Stress Theory of Aging? Protandim Nrf 2 Synergizer™ anti-aging support.

What Is The Sirtuin Theory of Aging? Protandim NAD Synergizer™ anti-aging support.

Learn more about the modern theories of anti-aging. 

Protandim nrf1 nrf2 nad synergizer
Protandim NRF1 Synergizer

Nrf1 Synergizer™

Protandim® Nrf1 Synergizer™ uses nutrients to harness the youthful energy of mitochondria. An essential biohack for brain health and cognitive performance.*

Nrf2 Synergizer®

Protandim® Nrf2 Synergizer, protected by U.S. patents, is made of five potent botanicals. Support your body’s own production of powerful antioxidants to fight the signs of aging.*

Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer
NAD Synergizer™

NAD Synergizer™

Protandim® NAD Synergizer was specifically formulated to target NAD, and has been shown to double sirtuin activity in 24 hours. Supporting increased health, focus, energy, mental clarity, and mood.*