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Gut Health

A Healthy Gut

If you have allergies, digestive issues, immune system problems or other health concerns, improve your gut health with LifeVantage ProBio. These small capsules are specially formulated to deliver beneficial bacteria deep into your gut, where they can be most effective. The delayed-release technology ensures that the capsules survive all the stomach acids so that the good bacteria are delivered to where they’re needed most.

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LifeVantage ProBio


When it comes to probiotics, timing is everything. LifeVantage ProBio uses delayed-release technology to deliver beneficial bacteria deep into your gut. ProBio capsules survive your stomach acids, so the bacteria are delivered to your small and large intestines, where they’re needed most.

PhysIQ™ Prebiotic

A better gut = a better you. Research has shown that if we can restore our gut microbiome to a healthy state, it can improve our overall health. PhysIQ Prebiotic is a prebiotic formula specifically designed to address this need.

LifeVantage PhysIQ Prebiotic product