Vitality Stack™

The Vitality Stack: Designed to help your body perform at its best.

LIfeVantage Vitality Stack



Vitality Stack™

Vitality Stackis carefully sculpted to make sure your brain, heart, eyes, and other vitals are working at peak performance. Choose between separate bottles, or convenient individual serving packets, of Protandim Nrf2 & NRF1, ProBio, and Omega+.


  • Reduce Oxidative Stress*
  • Boost Mitochondrial Production*
  • Improves Energy*
  • Supports a Healthy Microbiome*
  • Supports Immune Function*
  • Supports Healthy Brain Function*
  • Supports Heat Function*

How Much Does The LifeVantage Vitality Stack Cost?

Vitality Stack is sold in a stack of four produtcs: Protandim Nrf2, Protandim Nrf1, ProBio, and Omega. You can buy it depending on the area you are located. Check out our LifeVantage overview.
The pricing of the LifeVantage Vitality Stack depends on the country, and the buying option. In the USA, you can buy it with a One-Time Order at the List Price of $181,00. Or, you can buy it with Subscribe & Save, cancel anytime, shipping discounts, and exclusive offers, for the price of $151.00.

Vitality Stack™ for Brain, Heart, Eyes, and Vitals.

Vitality Stack LifeVantage nutrigenomics starter kit

Get The Best Results

Protandim Nrf1 Synergizer, Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer, ProBio and Omega+ have been shown to have a positive effect on many aspects of your health. Vitality Stack™ makes sure you're getting enough of all of them for the best results.

Take care of your body

The Vitality Stack is a smart way to take care of your body. It includes four of our most powerful anti-aging supplements and is clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress and support brain and other organ health.

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Vitality Stack™ Product Usage

Check out the LifeVantage Vitality Stack Usage:

LifeVantage Vitality Stack Stevie Wnner Product

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