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  • Life-Changing Rewards

    Have you ever wanted to be recognized for the positive impact you make in your community? Do you believe that good behavior should be rewarded? If so, then you'll be happy to know that there is a reward system in place that does just that.

    By participating in our community, individuals can receive guidance and support to help them elevate their lives and achieve their goals. The reward aspect of the program adds an extra incentive for individuals to participate and stay motivated in their personal growth journey.

    Our reward system is designed to encourage and recognize positive community actions and behavior. It is a Stars and Gems system that automatically rewards members for their contributions. We also have Milestones and Winner of the Month achievements to acknowledge outstanding efforts. Additionally, our community ranks reflect members' progress and level of involvement. By participating in our reward system, you can feel proud of your contributions and inspire others to make a positive impact in our community.

Star Points

Rewarding positive community actions with STARS when members:

  • Register to the community.
  • Log in to the community.
  • Complete your community profile.
  • Update your community profile.
  • Watch a video.
  • Complete a course.
  • Comment on a post.
  • Send/reply to a private message.
  • Send a community email invitation.
  • Share community posts on social media with our social share buttons.

Rewarding positive actions as a community coach with GEMS when members:

  • Publish a new community post.
  • Publish an activity post.
  • Publish an activity post in a group.
  • Change your membership to coach.
  • Get a Smart Page referral sign up.

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