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Protandim® Products

Nrf1 Synergizer™

Protandim® Nrf1 Synergizer™ utilizează nutrienți pentru a valorifica energia tinerească a mitocondriilor. Un biohack esențial pentru sănătatea creierului și performanța cognitivă.*

Nrf2 Synergizer®

Protandim® Nrf2 Synergizer, protejat prin brevete americane, este alcătuit din cinci plante puternice. Susține producția proprie a organismului dumneavoastră de antioxidanți puternici pentru a combate semnele îmbătrânirii.*

NAD Synergizer™

Protandim® NAD Synergizer™ was specifically formulated to target NAD, and has been shown to double sirtuin activity in 24 hours. Supporting increased health, focus, energy, mental clarity, and mood.*

TrueScience® Products

Skin Care

TrueScience is a revolutionary (and patent-protected) Beauty System that uses Nrf2 technology to do more than simply mask the appearance of aging skin. Meet the skin care regimen scientifically formulated with Nrf2 technology to create healthier and more radiant looking skin.

Hair Care

Introducing the first haircare system designed for biohackers. It’s scientifically engineered with Nrf2 ingredients and the most recent advances in science, for a super clean formula that’s as easy on your hair as it is on the environment.

Personal Care

Stay clean, fresh, and smooth with a regimen that recharges body and soul with a trio of science-backed products featuring Nrf2 ingredients.

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PhysIQ™ Products

Weight Management System

Weight management is crucial to biohacking. For many, it’s their first step into the biohacking world.

Our weight management system is not designed to be a “short-term, starve your body to lose weight that you will gain back as soon as the diet ends” system.

It’s a system designed to remove the rollercoaster of weight management and help your body enter a state of prolonged, long-term, safe weight loss.

Biohackers aren’t willing to cut healthy corners. They want to manage their weight and get rid of fat cells that release toxins in their system, in order to get started with a long-term, safe weight-loss.

Nutriție orientată


We have conducted extensive research into anti-aging and longevity supplements that are scientifically proven to work.

Activation Stacks

Our products are not for preventing or curing any disease. Our products are for biohacking your age to prolong your life and improve the quality of your life.


The secret to long life, good looks and superb health lies in the proper maintenance of your energy levels. We provide you with the products that will biohack your energy levels.

General Wellness

The properties of our products are derived from natural ingredients. Our products biohack your general wellness. They are targeted solutions to prolong your life and improve the quality of your health.

Sănătatea intestinului

Our gut health is incredibly important to not just your well-being but your overall health and longevity. Targeted solutions such as probiotics, enzymes and prebiotics can give you the edge you need to achieve optimal longevity.

Immune Health

Our products are designed to strengthen your immune system and prevent chronic diseases. We develop our products in collaboration with leading scientists, and we continuously strive to improve your health.

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