She Had Inflamed Joints of a 67-year-old, But Lives Now Happy and Healthy

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    Karen is CELEBRATING her INDEPENDENCE from pharmaceutical drugs.

    Thank you, Karen, for sharing your Nrf2 Success Story!!!

    * Pain * Bone Loss * Knee replacement surgery * Headaches* Skin Tags * Achy Joints * Depressed * Painful Wrist *Numb Fingers

    Karen: “After 3 years of doing NFR2 activation, I continue to see changes. I am 54, and haven’t been healthier and happier. I have lived a very painful life to the point I thought it was normal that people were always in pain because I didn’t want to believe I was different.

    At the age of 27, I was diagnosed with loss of bone and a few years later I was told I had the bones of a 67-year-old. Early 30’s it got worse and over the years, I suffered with wear and tear. I suffered with inflamed hips, shoulders, elbows & wrists along with bone loss in my knees, then lower back and hips on top of aches and daily headaches.

    I started activation Feb 8, 2015 after my second knee replacement Jan 14, 2015. My surgeon could not believe my recovery. At my 5-week check-up, I was that of a patient recovery at 6 months. I was already walking 8 km a day and ready to go back to work. At 6 months, I was fully recovered, which normally a knee replacement is a 2-year recovery.

    My first benefit was within the first 3 days. My sleep was better to the point I thought I over medicated. Within 10 days, I noticed my carpal tunnel was no longer bothering me. At about 30 days, my partner pointed out I no longer struggled to roll over and try to get out of bed. At this point, I bawled my eyes out with excitement, knowing that activation really does work.

    I immediately went to the doctor to get help to get off all medications. Of course, she didn’t agree all naturals could be this solution. I ended up going off all meds cold turkey at this point and never detoxed. I was on narcotics for my pain, 2 different mood stabilizers to trigger my brain to accept my pain, and then a bottle a week of Tylenol and Ibuprofen.

    Likewise, I was a walking pharmacy, intoxicated every day. In Sept 2015 my worst nightmare; my other knee packed it in. Immediately, I got on the waiting list for another knee replacement. October 2016, hospital booking called with my surgery date for Nov 7, 2016. I had the option to say, I don’t need a bone replacement and to this day, I am back to walking 8 km, kayaking, golfing and having fun. After 2 years of activation, my physical examination showed my blood cells, my kidneys and my liver were that of a teenager.

    Again, my doctor was very confused at how and why. To this day, I see better, I no longer have to take anything for inflamed joints, no pain, no longer get skin tags, no more headaches, no bone loss and whatever else is going on that we don’t notice. At almost 55, I feel better than I did in my late 20’s and I look better than I did in my late 30’s.

    My belief in these products and the company is 200% because my life has completely done a 360. I am happy, healthy, drug free and I can do anything you can do.”

    She Had Inflamed Joints Of A 67-Year-Old, But Live Now Happy And Healthy
    Karen: She Had Inflamed Joints Of A 67-Year-Old, But Lives Now Happy And Healthy

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