She Took Fake Health Supplements For Months

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    I know I have posted before, and I am preaching to the choir, but the more information we have, the better to help people understand that it is not safe to buy supplements on Amazon.

    Michele Marshall wanted to buy the popular probiotic, “Align” online. She then went on Amazon and purchased a box of pills that suited her needs.

    The only problem was that she ended up buying a product that looked exactly the same but was far from the real thing.

    Marshall began taking the product on April 25th. On July 3rd she received an email from Amazon saying, “we recently learned the product you received from a Third-Party seller is likely not a genuine align product.”

    “I was very scared,” says Marshall. “I’m a mom. I’m a wife. I care a lot about my health.”

    Marshall says a representative from Amazon told her to go to the doctor if anything seems irregular.


    We don’t advise buying supplements from unknown sources. We only recommend original supplements from the highest quality!

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    Source: Fox 5

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