The Link Between Your Thyroid and Your Mitochondria

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    The link between your thyroid and your mitochondria!! If you don’t know the importance of your mitochondria, it is your energy power house and provides over 90% of your energy.

    The most important function of our mitochondria is to produce ATP (Adenosine triphosphate). But as you age, toxins, poor nutrition, etc., your mitochondria start to breakdown — even in a healthy person.

    But let’s talk about the link between your mitochondria and your thyroid.

    Thyroid hormones act directly on mitochondria.

    When your thyroid is producing a healthy amount of enough thyroid hormone, the mitochondrial proteins up-regulates mitochondrial energy production.

    A good thing!!

    But… a decrease in thyroid hormone levels will down-regulate mitochondrial energy production… and you start to become sluggish.

    Let’s say you have an 8-cylinder car, but only 4 spark plugs are working. Your car will run, but it will run rough, sluggish and not run optimally.

    This is what is happening inside your body. You are getting through your day, sluggish and not running as efficiently as you could be.

    That’s why I’m boosting my mitochondrial production each day with, Protandim NRF1, along with exercise and a healthy diet.

    I have a busy day and a lot to do, so I want to be sure that I’m running on all 8-cylinders and not just 6 or 4 or maybe even less for some people.

    Are you running on all 8 cylinders? If not and you are ready to boost your ‘spark plugs’, reach out to your coach and order your Protandim NRF1… a perfect addition to Protandim NRF2.

    The Link Between Your Thyroid And Your Mitochondria
    The Link Between Your Thyroid And Your Mitochondria

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