This 10-year-old Bulldog Got Pain Free

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    Thank you to Jerry & Michelle for sharing this sweet canine story.

    For all my dog friends wondering how NRF2 can help your dog, let me tell you the results I have had directly with my dog.

    Jordan is a 10-year-old bulldog with bad knees and bad elbows. She has elbow dysplasia and has had to have cruciate surgery on both knees. About 2 years ago, she started to show the signs of pain and arthritis. I started her on carprofen, and she improved, but about a year ago, the carprofen started to not work as well as her arthritis progressed.

    She also developed a bladder issue and was having accidents in the house. We had blood work, urinalysis, x-rays and ultrasound done and nothing came back abnormal.

    I started her on Nrf2 Synergizer (also available in Petandim Synergizer) and after 4 months, she stopped having accidents. After 4 months, she’s also starting limping less and after 5 months, she has stopped limping on her right front leg and now with the carprofen and NRF2, she shows no signs of pain.

    This from a dog who could hardly make it around the block 2 years ago due to arthritis in her elbow!!

    I also wanted to share this story to emphasize that sometimes NRF2 needs time to see results. Results are not always immediate, though sometimes they are. My dad’s miniature horse improved almost immediately, but Jordan took about 4 months until her results were obvious.

    Jerry & Michelle
    This 10-year-old bulldog got pain free
    Jerry & Michelle: This 10-year-old bulldog got pain free

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